MUFE HD Second Skin Cream Blush Review

Sunday, April 6, 2014

MUFE's HD Second Skin Cream Blushes have been launched already, and I've finally managed to get down and give you guys a review! It's definitely one of my favourite cream blushes at the moment, and for a variety of reasons.

MUFE Second Skin Cream Blushes

I've already swatches of the MUFE Cream Blush, so I won't re-swatch them, but I'll just go a bit more into detail about how I use them, and what I think of them.

MUFE HD Cream Blush Second Skin 1
MUFE Second Skin Cream Blushes

One of the things I really loved about the HD Cream Blush was how blendable and buildable it was. Unlike MUFE's previous HD Blush, the Microfinish Cream Blush, which was a creamy liquid that was insanely pigmented, this is a lot less pigmented - but in a good way, making it extremely wearable. For sure there is a good amount of pigment, but if you apply one layer, you'll get a light wash of colour, while if you apply more, you'll get a stronger result. I feel this makes the new HD Second Skin Cream Blush a lot more wearable for everyday use than the Microfinish Cream Blush (which needed a bit more time to blend out).

Below, you can see how blendable it is. I've done swatches of the colour straight from the pan (this is 220 Pink Sand, a light neutral pink with a hint of warmth), as well as what it would look like with a heavy and light application. As you can see this is easily sheered out to just a light wash of barely-there colour, or applied more heavily for a pop of colour. This versatility and foolproof application means that I find myself reaching for this quite often in the mornings when I'm getting ready at 7am and can't handle any makeup requiring advanced motor skills, haha.

MUFE HD Cream Blush Second Skin blending swatch
MUFE HD Cream Blush: Super blendable and buildable for a light or heavy application.

Another thing that was different about the HD Cream Blush versus the MicroFinish Blush is that the HD Cream Blush has a drier texture. These start off like a smooth-textured cream (kind of like the Chanel cream blushes) but once applied, they don't feel "wet" - they have a sort of smooth, slightly powdery finish that doesn't look too flat or matte (as you can see above from the swatches). I think it's probably a mix of polymers and silicones that perform this magic. The blushes don't feel oily or heavy at all, so that's a plus too.

Below, you can see me wearing the same shade, 220 Pink Sand. This is probably a medium application of cream blush, and I used perhaps two to three very thin layers to build up the colour to this level. As you can see, it also has a very pretty finish. (And yes, my blouse has those shoulder holes!)

MUFE HD Cream Blush FOTD
Wearing MUFE HD Cream Blush in 220 Pink Sand

These lasted very well on me. I've tested them a few times, and wore them out for work, and by the end of the day, they were still on with very little fading and so on. Although I do work in an indoors environment (so it's like I was running around under the sun), I still think that it's pretty impressive. It also doesn't oxidize on me - the colour I apply during the morning is pretty much the same one I have on at the end of the day. I have had other cream blushes fade on me during the day, so this is great!

MUFE HD Cream Blush Second Skin 2
The MUFE HD Second Skin Cream Blush is an all-around excellent product.

So all in all, would I recommend these? Yeah, I would. MUFE products aren't cheap for sure, but I have to say, the brand generally puts out things that are of high quality, and there's very little I dislike from the brand. I think that overall, the MUFE HD Second Skin Cream Blushes are strong contenders - they have a lovely range of wearable colours, have good pigmentation but are still easily sheered out, layered, blended, and the texture is great. They also last for a whole day on me too, so overall, this is a great score in my book. If you're interested in getting a couple of new cream blushes, this is well worth checking out.

Recommended? Pigmentation Texture Application ColourLasting Power
Yes, a great quality product overall 8/10 9/10 9.5/10 9/109/10
The Bottom Line: The MUFE HD Cream Blush comes in lovely wearable colours, has a lightweight texture, is easy to apply blend, and build. Overall, an excellent product.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. I totally agree with you babe, these are just so easy to work with. I love how Pink Sand looks on you. So pretty.

  2. I really want to try these! I've tried the formula in the pump bottle and I really want to see how these compare!

  3. Pink sand looks so lovely on you! It really suit you!

    And in the picture is so easy to see that you skin tone is light,medium? cool olive as I can see clearly the pink and the green of your skin and believe me I'm bad noticing this.

    You should put this picture in your article about undertones :)

    And I have a question like always......could you tell me more or least what is light -medium skin in Mac? Because sometimes friends ask me about it :( like I know that nc/nw 15 is the lighter shade so nc/nw 15-20 is light skin and from there to 30-35 is medium skin tone? I'm really bad at it like I see you picture and I think we have almost the same skin color(me just a little bit lighter) but I'm like a 5 in mac and the 15 is so dark on me that I cant even use it as contour so!?

    I just bought the Kielh masque :D wish me luck!


    1. @Ann: Yes you're right, my skin does look pale olive in that photo (it's cool and pale but not pink). I should update that post sometime soon, it has been awhile! Maybe when I get the time to do it!

      In answer to your questions, I think MAC's lightest shades are the 15s (so like NC 15 or NW15), while their darkest shades are 55 (so again like NC55, NW55). So I imagine that in the MAC world, light-medium would probably encompass the 15s to 25 (NC25/NW25) and maybe from NC/NW30-35 would be the medium-ish shades? (I'm not as familiar with the deeper shades of MAC's foundation). I'm not sure if I'd place the 25s as light or medium though, to my eye they're probably medium (although I'm sure some people would feel they are more light than medium). To be honest though, I do think MAC's pale shades are somewhat limited in range, I've sen quite a few bloggers who describe themselves as NW10 or something like that (because they are paler than the fairest shade in MAC's range). So I'm sure that there are a whole bunch of girls like you who are fairer than MAC's colour scheme allows for :) I do think MAC's colour scheme runs on the dark side. In some other brands (eg Asian brands like Korean or Japanese brands) an NC/NW20-25 might use the medium shade instead of the light shade. So sometimes I think it's just a matter of definition :)

      And I'm glad you got the Kiehl's Masque, let me know how you find it! :)

  4. Cream blushes are my faves in the summer months. I love how long lasting MUFE products are.

  5. Love it! Love the shades and how it blends well on the skin. This will def be in my purchase list.


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