MUFE HD Blush Second Skin Cream Blush Swatches!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

MUFE's HD Second Skin Cream Blush has just been launched, and I am so excited about how awesome these are! I will be putting out a proper review of these soon (and soon meaning the next couple of weeks), but in the meantime, here are swatches of these blushes!

How awesome are these? (Photo from my Instagram)

Anyway, these are pretty good quality overall - they are quite radically different from MUFE's previous HD Blush, the Microfinish Cream Blush. Those were super pigmented, and in liquid form, and you basically used a teeeny tiny bit and blended out a lot to get a rosy glow. These? They're layerable, so you can apply lightly for a wash of colour or use more for an intense flush, and although the Second Skin Cream Blush starts off as a cream, when you apply it to your skin it sort of dries down to a smooth finish. When I was swatching these, the quality reminded me of the Chanel Cream Blushes, with the same drydown effect.

MUFE HD Blush Second Skin Cream Blush swatches

If you want to see my commentary on the individual shades, feel free to read on!

210 Cool Pink is a light, slightly cool-toned pink. I like this shade, and I think it's going to be a popular one in this part of the world!

215 Flamingo Pink isn't the bright colour of flamingos - instead this is more like a light pink with a hint of coral. A universally flattering shade that will look good on fair-skinned girls.

225 Peachy Pink is just that - a peachy-pink shade. This leans a little warm on me, but it will probably look more pink on cooler-toned girls.

310 Rosewood is a downright gorgeous colour. It's a universally flattering pinky-brown with a hint of rosiness, and it's reminiscent of some of the bestselling blush colours of all time, such as MAC Blushbaby, or Bobbi Brown's Blushed Rose Pot Rouge, or Tarte Exposed, or (if you have a really long colour memory) Laura Mercier's now discontinued Blushing Tint in Filtered Brown. But this is one step better, in my opinion, because it's less brown and a bit more rosy, thus making it more flattering on skintones that would otherwise find such shades too brown.

315 Peach Beige is a warm nude shade that is also very wearable. Not much to say about this, but it is a staple workhorse colour.

320 English Rose is another gorgeous, universally-flattering shade. It's kind of a warmer version of Rosewood, and not as plummy-looking, but still a colour that will go a long way on most skintones.

330 Rosy Plum is another very pretty shade - as the name says, this is a rose with a hint of plum. It's more pink than purple, so even on warmer skintones, it won't look bruise-like or overly purple.

410 Coral is a very pretty coral that will look great on just about anyone.

415 Light Rust is a nude brown shade. I imagine this would be excellent for contouring, or as a neutral blush on deeper skintones.

515 Tangerine is an exciting orange pop of colour. This is a gorgeous bright shade, kind of like an orange answer to Chanel's Chamade Cream Blush, which was also a popular colour this season. This is not going to be everyone's favourite shade, but definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a bright, cheery pop of colour!

As you can see from the swatches, despite MUFE's reputation for being a brand of wild colours and artistic leanings, the Second Skin Cream Blushes are, for the most part, made up of wearable, everyday colours. I bet it would be difficult to decide on just one blush to have, just because there are so many gorgeous colours that can be everyday staples for a variety of skintones. I know I definitely had difficulty deciding on my favourite!


  1. So pretty!! I want Tangerine and Coral!! But with my problem (colors change on my skin) I think it would be better if I try Cool Pink and Rosy Plum I have to go to Sephora this week ;) wish me luck!

    Lately even my trusted pale pink lilac/purple (blue based) colors are changing to red on my skin what do you think is that? Do you think is my skin tone again?

    I'm using at the moment Kryolan Ultra Foundation in Fair Olive mixed with white and is a perfect match(first time in my life!!) the weird thing is that I had to come back to the city that I used to live for a couple of days and The Fair Olive/White combo looked so horrible that I had to change it to Kryolan Ultra Fluid Foundation in TV White (it is a really pale pink/purple color) and it was a perfect match again... why? How is that possible? Do you think is the ph, skin tone,light, I'm cursed?

    I will try the Benefit Lollitint too maybe it will look good! I have the clasic red one and I bought the pink one(poisytint?) but I lost it before using it :( I will swatch it! lest see how it go :) and I will try again the Cha cha one just because I'm a masochist! :D

    1. @Ann: Based on what you are describing (swapping to a more a white or pink/purple colour), it looks like there could be one of two things going on: 1. If the TV White shade is 'pure white' (i.e. not leaning purple or yellow or other shades), then it could be that you now require a fairer foundation shade, but there are not likely to be any changes undertones-wise. But if 2. the TV White shade is indeed lavender, then this would mean that your undertones could be cooler than you initially thought. Both of these things could also be taking place at the same time.

      The most likely guess I'd venture is that perhaps you have indeed become fairer, and because you have some olive undertones, as you become fairer, you also become cooler in undertones. (if you've read my post on Asian undertones there's a bit where I talk about olive undertones and how they can be warm when dark and cool when fair: but perhaps you may already have read it). That could explain why your old colours no longer work, and maybe also why your old colours look more ruddy on you (generally if a colour looks orangey on you, it signals that you need something cooler-toned). So if indeed that is the case, then you will probably want to select more cool-toned blushes, and blushes that work better on fairer rather than darker skin. So Lollitint and Posietint could work on you, as well as the Cool Pink and Rosy Plum shades that I swatched above. I suppose the key thing is to avoid colours that are obviously warm and dark, but you can experiment around to see what kind of shades you can play with if you so desire too! Hope this helps!

    2. Thank you for answer me!

      I think you are right and my skin is lighter now :( and if I'm lighter is almost sure that I'm reflecting colors(of walls, ambient light, clothes etc) this happen to me every time that I get lighter ( worse was when I was in Europe in winter and every time that I had been in Asia because their sun is way weak compared to my country)

      i know it sound crazy but is true and maybe thats the problem with the pinks and they changing.

      Just for science my skin comeback to its pale cool olive self as soon as I returned to Puebla so its went like this :

      Start: Puebla = cool olive

      Same day after 2 hour fly to Tampico = fair pink ( on the first hour of my stay in Tampico)

      Come back to Puebla after 3 days = cool olive again (at home 50 minutes after arrived)

      The Mufe blushes still haven't arrive to my city and neither the Lollitint :( they told me in Sephora that they will have it on April so patience......

      I found you trough your post about Asian undertones (I read all the entries and answers it was fascinating! ) and that is how I discovered that I'm pale cool olive. If it wasn't for your post I will never have know about it.

      So thank you! Your beauty science post are always great! and I really appreciate them.

  2. Are these blushes long-lasting? Usually I find cream blushes to fade faster than other formulas, but just wondered if these were different? Thanks!

    1. @Anonymous: What cream blushes have you tried before? To be honest, I don't really have your problem because the cream blushes I've tried before (Bobbi Brown. Stila) do tend to last quite long on me, like the MUEF ones. I've tried Becca before too but theirs fades a bit faster. So it could vary from brand to brand, or skin to skin. For what it's worth, though, my experience with the MUFE cream blushes has been good :)

  3. I see so many shades I'm in love with. Peachy Pink, English Rose, Coral and Tangerine. I bet you must have had lots of fun playing with these. I can't wait to see them in real life.

  4. Hello! I just spent an hour reading old posts here and I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your blog!! I found it from a link on Colin's blog, and I'm so happy I did! Science-y, humorous, well-photographed, well-written and researched...yay!!! And I am a total Asian beauty product junky. Just read your wonderful post on BB creams...anyway just a little love note here, so pleased to have found you, immediately bookmarked your site for my nightly beauty blog reading!!

  5. Awww...they are all so pretty. I simply cannot pick the best color for me. I think I'll go and try first the Flamingo pink.


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