Chanel Le Blush Cream De Chanel Swatches

Monday, February 3, 2014

I recently gave Chanel's cream blush, Le Blush Cream De Chanel, at a Chanel counter one day, and I just had to swatch these babies for you. While, as you might know, I do have quite the collection of cream blush, I've tended to stick closely to my favourite three brands (which are still unchanged from this Formspring question from long, long ago), Stila, Bobbi Brown, and, to a lesser extent, Becca. So I came to the Chanel counter kind of expecting the Le Blush Cream de Chanel to be the same.

Instead, I found that these were really different, both in terms of texture and application. The Chanel cream blushes are lighter than the Stila, Bobbi Brown or Becca, and less "oily" feeling. They feel a bit more dry and less sticky, if you will. My guess on why this is so would be that the Le Blush Cream De Chanel seems quite heavily formulated with silicones or polymers with similar silicone-y feel, so they do have a nice skinfeel and a very light texture with good slip. This means that they feel lighter and less weighty than the Bobbi Brown or Stila blushes. Comparatively, the Bobbi Brown and Stila cream blushes feel a little more like traditional cream blushes, i.e. kind of like lipstick. I suppose which brand you prefer would depend on your personal texture preferences. I'm loyal to my Stila, Bobbi Brown, and Becca, and the heavier texture has never caused any application problems for me, but I couldn't help but drool over the Chanels, too.

Le Blush Cream De Chanel Swatches

Above are my swatches. If you want to see my commentary on the individual shades, feel free to read on!

61 Destiny is a light chocolate brown with a hint of pink. This might be a good contour colour for pale girls, but I can also see it being a tawny nude as well. I'm vaguely reminded of an older Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge colour - Summer Tan, perhaps? In any case, it runs in the same "brown that's still wearable" colour vein.

62 Presage is a very nice melon-peach colour. Very pretty. It would look good on both warm and cool toned girls, not too orangey, and bright without being loud.

63 Revelation is my favourite of the lot, and easily the most wearable. Very pretty neutral, go-with-anything shade of pink which everyone could have in their wardrobe.

65 Affinite is a pink that is a tad brighter, and less brown than Revelation. To me, this is Revelation with a bit more kick! I imagine for girls who found Revelation to be too boring colour-wise would love Affinite.

69 Intonation is one of the 2014 Spring colours and is part of their Notes du Printemps Collection. It is a nice coral, bright and totally spring-appropriate but not so bright that it become unwearable. This is a coral that would look good on almost all skintones, for a healthy flush of colour.

67 Chamade is another 2014 Spring colour. This looks rather red in the pan, but it's a bright warm pink-red. It's definitely the brightest in the range of swatches, but with some nifty application is still wearable. This is definitely for those looking for a pop of colour'

The quality of the blushes overeall was great. Even with the brighter shades, you can blend the colour out so that it ends up as sheer as you wish, which, in my opinion, is part of what makes their colour range so wearable. Indeed, one of the genius of Chanel's cream blushes is the colour range, which is universally flattering with work-appropriate colours that aren't boring. The formula may be a love-it-or-hate-it affair, depending on whether you like the skinfeel of silicones and similar polymers, but the colours are lovely.

Overall, these are impressive, and I can definitely see why the Le Blush Cream De Chanels have such a huge market for them, despite being so pricey. They blended well, felt nice and light on the skin, and, best of all, had excellent colour choices. There is something for everyone in this range, and anyone could wear any of the colours with careful application. I think Chanel really nailed it this time.


  1. Revelation or Intonation will be mine, once I'm of my no-buy :-)

  2. Going for Presage! Don't own anything like it :)

  3. I've been after the color Fantastic which is LE. if not I think i'll go for Presage x

  4. I love love love these. So did you get any for yourself? Thanks for the swatches my dear, I was going to get Affinite , your swatches kinda sealed the deal for me :)

  5. My Chanel loving heart died of envy when I thought you got all colours! Very nice picks here:)

  6. Affinite is the shade for me. It's so pretty! Getting it now.

  7. Very nice review! I hardly can't decide which the most beautiful color between Intonation or Revelation for my medium skintone :-/



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