Etude House Haul: Highlighter, Lip Tint, Nail Sticker and Steel Balls!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

You guys know by now that I own quite a number of things from Etude House, and that I like their makeup and nail polish products. I do tend to have a soft spot for some of their products, so when there is a sale, I usually can't help buying a few things! This time, I was pretty good with the self-control and walked away with just a few items!

My little Etude House Haul - it was all on sale too!

I got a liptint, a highlighter, some nail stickers, and steel balls! And I think I got these for under $20, so that made me doubly happy too!

Etude House Nail Stickers Steel Balls
Etude House nail stickers and steel balls

First, the nail stuff! I got 2 packs of nail stickers with lace designs. They had them both in black and white, and I got one each! Also, I got a bunch of steel balls (for mixing nail polish) because they were just $1, haha. I don't often mix nail polishes, but some brands of polish (like Sally Hansen) don't come with steel balls, so I'm thinking of putting these in to keep the shades from separating.

Etude House Liptint Dear Darling Neon Tint Magenta
Etude House Dear Darling Tint Neon in #03 Neon Magenta

Next the liptint! This is the Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint. Etude House's original Dear Darling Tint line-up consists of Benetint-like tints, and is quite popular, and they have some new additions to the Dear Darling Tint every few seasons - the latest one seems to be some "milky" colours (milky pastel pinks, etc.). This one is from the Neon Tint range and is called #03 Neon Magenta, and it is not actually neon although it looks somewhat bright in the tube. It's actually more a bright cool-toned plummy-pinky shade like my favourite Color Pop liptint, so when I swatched the colour in store I just had to have it!

Etude House Face Brightening Designer Highlighter Dollyface
Etude House Face Brightening Designer in Dollyface

Lastly, the highlighter! This is the Etude House Face Brightening Designer in the shade Dollyface. I already have one of these in the shade Wannabeface, and that was a light shimmery beige. This is a light shimmery pastel pink, and is lighter than Wannabeface, although the shimmer level is about the same. I think it would be great for spot highlighting, especially on the cheeks!

Etude House Face Brightening Designer Highlighter Dollyface Close
Etude House Face Brightening Designer in Dollyface: up close and personal!

And that's it for my Etude House sale haul! I really do get a kick when I buy things on sale, so I'm pretty happy about this haul! If you guys have hauled anything you liked recently, let me know!


  1. It's been ages since I bought anything from Etude House. The hiked up prices at their physical store are not exactly helping either. I can buy two decent Maybelline mascaras for the price of one of Etude House. Where did you buy yours? :)

  2. Those nail stickers are adorable :)


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