MUFE Artist Shadow Swatches Part 1 of 2: Blues, Greens, Yellows and Neutrals

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Make Up For Ever's (or MUFE's) Artist Shadow, its new eyeshadow line, has been causing quite a stir since it launched, and for a good reason, too. First, there's the sheer number of colours - 210 shades, in 5 finishes. And secondly, there's the quality - MUFE is known for the excellent quality of their products, and I honestly can't think of a single MUFE product I dislike - I've tried their eyeliners, lip liners, lipglosses, lipsticks, eyeshadows, powder foundations and cream blushes, and across the board, every one has consistently been of great quality. That's quite a rare feat in the beauty world, as I find most brands tend to have some products they're strong at, and some they're weaker at, but MUFE seems to be a great all-arounder.

The Artist Shadow Eyeshadows are also no exception - there are 5 finishes (Matte, Satin, Metallic, Iridescent, and Diamond), and all of them are smooth in texture and very nicely pigmented. I think across all the 100+ shadows I've swatched, only a few (like, maybe less than 5) shades had lighter pigmentation. So the consistency is great across the range, too.

Today, the first half of my MUFE Artist Shadow swatches are here! Yes, that's everything in that huge palette you see there! These are over 50 shades, and the shade names are prefixed by a letter that indicates their finish (M for Matte, S for Satin, ME for Metallic, I for Iridescent, and D for Diamond). I've included both their colour codes and colour names for easier ogling! The swatches are all swatched dry with my finger on my unprimed skin. Without further ado, let the swatches begin!

MUFE Artist Shadow Eyeshadow Swatches 1 Row 1

D104 Black Diamond is, as the name might suggest, a blackest-black eyeshadow with sparkles inside. The sparkles are a characteristic of MUFE's Diamond finish, and some will probably like them more than others depending on their tolerance for glitter and fallout, but I'm sold! It's just so pretty.
M106 Slate is a almost-black grey that's matte. It's not too cool-toned a grey, which is great - it's likely to pull blue on me. This is a great smokey grey for warmer skintones which might not usually carry off such shades.
M126 Chalk is a chalk-like white. This is very opaque (as you can tell from the swatches), making it perfect for those wanting a white with good pigmentation for their 1960s-inspired mod eye looks!
D200 Crystalline Mauve doesn't look that mauve to me swatched, but you can see a tad more purple in the pan. But when swatched next to M126 Chalk, I can see why it's given the name, as it has this very slight purple lean to it. Very slight! This is a Diamond finish eyeshadow, but in this shade (as with the very pale Diamond finish shadows) the sparkles make the overall effect of the eyeshadow closer to metallic or frosty rather than "Diamond". It's still gorgeous though!
D236 Lagoon Blue is a gorgeous teal blue with that sparkly Diamond shimmer, of medium brightness. It's bright, but not as bright as some of the other shades we shall come to swatch later.

MUFE Artist Shadow Eyeshadow Swatches 1 Row 2

M100 Black is a nice matte black. Great pigmentation, too - this was I think just one or two swipes.
ME108 Steel is a nice metallic gunmetal almost-black steel grey colour. I would call this a blackened grey (if such a shade existed) with a very nice Metallic finish. I do love the MUFE Metallic finishes, they really stand out in an armful of swatches!
D124 Crystalline White is a sparkly Diamond white. Not much to say here, it's pure white (as opposed to D200 Crystalline Mauve) but with the same diamond-y sparkle.
ME202 Iceberg Blue is a pale, pastel baby blue, with very good pigmentation and a nice metallic finish.
S228 Petrol Blue is a nice deep blue-green shade that leans quite heavily blue. I recall Petrol Blue (in the old formula) being the name of the shade exclusive to the MUFE Blue Sepia Palette, but the Petrol blue shade in the palette is definitely lighter than S228 Petrol Blue in the Artist Shadow range.
M240 Prussian Blue - this is a deep blue-grey shade, matte, and with great pigmentation. Swatched alone it looks like it could be black, but you can clearly see the difference when it's swatched together with M100 Black.
S402 Mimosa is a gorgeous bright sunny yellow shade. Remember the time Chanel had a nail polish colour by the name of Mimosa? This is basically the shade in eyeshadow form! The Satin finish of this looks like a Matte in the swatch, but there is a slight shimmer in the pan.

MUFE Artist Shadow Eyeshadow Swatches 1 Row 3

I112 Chrome is a gorgeous purply-grey shade that's a taupe but with much less brown. I love this shade, since I love a nice complex wearable purple. This is the Iridescent finish, which has a shimmery sheen that's not as strong as the Metallic shades, and with finer shimmers than the Diamond shades.
D118 Platinum is a silvery white shade that looks sparkly and metallic, thanks to the Diamond finish.
D206 Celestial Blue is a pale, pale grey-blue shade that also looks sparkly and metallic.
ME224 Navy Blue is a deep greyish shade of navy. The Metallic finish in this in this is certainly there, although it doesn't look as obvious when swatched in this phoot.
ME304 Emerald is a nice jewel-toned emerald green shade that pulls slightly blue on me.
I340 Lime Green is a greenish yellowy shade, that seems to pull quite yellow on me when swatched.
ME406 Golden is a very nice wearable gold shade - it's more light yellowy gold that can be worn, I imagine, by most skin tones. I can imagine both cooltoned and warmtoned people looking nice in this shade, which is fairly rare for yellows as a whole.

MUFE Artist Shadow Eyeshadow Swatches 1 Row 4

S114 Pearl Grey is another shade I really love - it's another of those purply-grey shades that just looks so gorgeous on. This one is not only lighter than I112 Chrome, but also more purple, too.
S208 Baby Blue is - as the name describes - a nice baby blue shade. Good pigmentation too.
D222 Night Blue is a gorgeous shade if you love your smokey, shimmery shades! This is a lovely deep blue shade with Diamond sparkles that make it look sort of like the night sky. It's definitely a stunner when swatched, for sure!
D306 Bottle Green is a deep olive green with the same starry Diamond shimmer as D222 Night Blue. I love this shade - it's gorgeous and wearable all at once!
S336 Lime is a light yellowy green that's lighter and less bright than I340 Lime Green. To my eye, S336 Lime is also a bit more green than I340 Lime Green.
M408 Mustard is a matte yellow shade, like S402 Mimosa, but unlike S402 Mimosa, it's a dustier, less bright yellow.
I514 Pink Ivory is, well, a light pinkish ivory beige shade - i can imagine this would probably match the skintones of some fair, cooltoned people. Against my skintone, the pinkness is definitely evident when swatched. This would be a great all-over shade or a lid shade on fairer girls.

MUFE Artist Shadow Eyeshadow Swatches 1 Row 5

I212 Periwinkle is a bright blue periwinkle blue shade. It's one of the brighter blues in the MUFE Artist Shadow lineup, and the Iridescent finish makes it very pretty too.
ME216 Electric Blue is a bright, sizzling electric blue, that is the brightest blue out of the shades swatched today. If you're a lover of bright kapow!-type blues, this is for you! The Metallic finish makes it extra stunning, too.
D308 Aquatic Khaki has a shade name that puzzles me a bit. On me, this is not khaki, but more of a blackened greyish shade with a slight, slight tinge of brown/green. This little bit of green in the shade isn't apparent to the naked eye, but when swatched next to a shade like ME108 Steel, you can see it's a warmer and more green, as opposed to ME108 Steel which has more blue in it.
D334 Apple Green is a green with a slight yellow lean, that's the colour not so much of real apples, but of apple candy. It's actually pretty wearable, too, if you're looking for a pop of colour that isn't too much.
D410 Gold Nugget is a pale gold shade that is cooler and slightly paler than ME406 Golden. This is another great yellow gold shade for cooler-toned ladies, too.
ME512 Golden Beige is a Metallic skintone beige. If you don't mind the Metallic finish, it would be great as an all-over wash, or else as a subtle but brightening lid colour.
S516 Sand is a a medium beige shade. This would be a great all-over lid shade for ladies of medium skintone, and leans slightly pink.

MUFE Artist Shadow Eyeshadow Swatches 1 Row 6

S214 Ultramarine Blue is a gorgeous bright blue, like ME216 Electric Blue, but has more green in it and is a tad more muted.
S312 Mint Green is similar to D334 Apple, but other than the difference in finish, S312 Mint Green is a bit cooler and less yellow than D324 Apple.
I330 Linden Green is a pale, light, warm grassy green shade that just reminds me of Spring.
I412 Wheat looks mostly yellow on me, but the shade has a bit of beige mixed in. Yet another great yellow shade for those who don't normally wear yellows.
M510 Vanilla is similar to I412 Wheat, but slightly warmer, and Matter rather than Iridescent.
M518 Nude is a nude tan shade, and while this wouldn't be a nude shade on my skintone, it would be a great pick for girls of medium-deep skin colour.
M540 Grey Beige doesn't look beige to me at all, but is a lovely light ashy brown - a great medium brown that's not too warm or orangey. I can imagine this being a great crease colour on fairer cooltoned ladies, and also, as a great brow colour for some people.

MUFE Artist Shadow Eyeshadow Swatches 1 Row 7

D316 Crystalline Pinky Green is a a pale yellowy shade with just a very slight touch of green. Not too sure where the "Pinky" part comes from, but it's a lovely colour.
I324 Bronze Khaki is a medium khaki green with some bronze. I love the finish on this - it's Iridescent so it has that nice glow, but is not too much. It's a wearable green for everyday.
D416 Crystalline Yellow is a pale yellow vanilla shade. This reminds me vaguely of MAC Vanilla pigment in shade.
S506 Linen is a light yellow with a hint of beige that seems close to I412 Wheat, but a hair more beige and less yellow.
S522 Pinky Nude is a light pinky beige. This is another great all-over shade that's less sparkly and less pink than I514 Pink Ivory.
M526 Milk Tea is a light, warm brown that does indeed look like milk tea! It has a smooth matte finish too.
M548 Pink Grey is another of those lovely unique but not boring neutral shades. It's actually brown-grey on me with a hint of pink. It's somewhat similar to M540 Grey Beige, but has more pink in it and is a hair darker.

MUFE Artist Shadow Eyeshadow Swatches 1 Row 8

D320 Golden Khaki is a brown khaki shade with a nice shimmery finish. Compared to I324 Bronze Khaki, this is deeper, more brown and less green.
M500 Ivory is a nice pale vanilla beige with a very slight yellow undertone. This would be pretty popular as an all-over shade, since it's matte, close to skin colour, and has great pigmentation.
D504 Celestial Beige is a shimmery warm beige with just a hint of gold in it. It's gorgeous as a neutral that's not boring, with its pop of shimmer.
I528 Pearl is a pearly white with an Iridescent finish. It's basically a shimmery white in the Iridescent formula.
M530 Eggshell is quite similar to M500 Ivory, but just a hair more pink and less yellow. It's a slightly cooler version of M500 Ivory, and like M500 Ivory, I think this would do very well as an all-over shade, too.
D552 Crystalline Grey Beige is not grey or beige, but a super gorgeous shimmery taupe! Yes, a taupe! I love this shade, and the shimmery Diamond finish adds a silver touch to the shade - it's like a less purple version of the old Stila Cloud eyeshadow. Very, very pretty. This is a must-have if you like a lighter, shimmery taupe.
ME554 Gunmetal is also another misnamed taupe, in my opinion. Come on, look at that gorgeous taupe! This is also another of my favourites in the line. Its gorgeous taupe goodness is sure to make it a hit among taupe lovers. This is easily one of my favourites along with D552 Crystalline Grey Beige.

So there you go, one half of the swatches I made of the MUFE Artist Shadow! Phew! I'll be uploading Part 2 soon when I have time!


  1. Emerald and Lagoon Blue look so pretty! x

  2. This post must have taken forever to put together! Thank you! I wish I were a MUA so that I would have a legit reason for spending on something this luxurious. Just beautiful.

  3. Such amazing swatches, thanks my dear! I love Electric Blue, such a stunning shade. The neutral shades look awesome too.

  4. Great swatches. D200 is Crystalline Mauve Turquoise on Sephora's website so that's probably why it has more blue in it :)

  5. Thanks for doing this!

  6. wow, some colours are so different than described online. I'm all about Gunmetal as I have the Crystaline Beige.

  7. How can one buy those palettes, all 210 shadows, like yours?

    1. @Anonymous: I don't have all 210 shadows! I just swatched the testers provided at an event :) For eyeshadows they have up to 30-shadow palettes (the palettes are empty, you can customize), or if you want something bigger you can buy their empty magnetized palette in XL size - those are pretty big and can probably stuff quite a few shadows inside! (Cheaper alternatives include Z palettes or even DIY palettes.) MUFE also has its own Christmas set with some of the eyeshadows in a palette, too. Hope this helps!

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