DKNY MYNY Perfume Review: A Fragrance For Fall

Thursday, September 11, 2014

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DKNY has recently released their new fragrance, MYNY (My New York, if you're wondering what it means), and as the name implies, this is meant to celebrate all things New York - the eclectic, unique individuals and the urban, carefree, spirited vibe of the city. I suppose it makes sense, since DKNY is itself a New York-based brand.

DKNY MYNY Perfume: Inspired by New York and its people

The bottle for DKNY is pretty cool tool, with a heart shaped bottle top. You can also see that the bottle has a very interesting cubic design on the top - these are supposed to represent the skyscraper-filled skyline of New York. DKNY says that the MYNY perfume consists of top notes of raspberry, galbanum, and pink pepper, middle notes of Egyptian jasmine, freesia, and orris, and bottom notes of patchouli heart, vanilla absolute, creamy musks, and ambergris. It was billed as a modern patchouli by some of the PR people I met when I learnt about the perfume.

DNY MYNY Perfume 2
DKNY MYNY Perfume: Even the bottle is inspired by the New York skyline!

The perfume itself was a lot milder than I thought it would be - but then again with mainstream perfumes, this is probably to be expected. With a perfume that's supposed to be inspired by the individuality and the idiosyncrasy of being in New York, one might expect something a little more, well, unexpected, unusual and wild. But then, this is a comparatively mainstream fragrance from DKNY, not a super-niche offering from an outfit like CB I Hate Perfumes (or some other niche brand), so in this case, it translates into a fruity-floral with a patchouli base.

DNY MYNY Perfume 1
DKNY MYNY Perfume: Sweet fruity top notes, floral middle notes with a patchouli base.

The first note started off very sweet - I think it is the raspberry, perhaps? This sweetness is quite pronounced, and makes the perfume seem like it is geared towards a younger audience. I'm not really a fan of sweet perfumes myself, so this is the part of the perfume that I like the least, although I'm sure others will like it. Once the sweetness evaporates, you have the floral heart notes that take center stage, although on me the sweetness pops up intermittently, never quite totally leaving the scent. This part of the perfume was not too bad - I generally like florals so this was fairly agreeable to me. After awhile, the patchouli starts emerging. Like DKNY claims, the patchouli is there, but for those who are afraid of wearing anything too "strong", this is a fairly tame patchouli - you can wear it to the office without any issue. For me, the final drydown is the best part of the fragrance (always a good sign since that's the part of the perfume that stays around for the longest time). On me, the drydown is a pretty nice mix of floral and patchouli that's wearable, and not as sweet as I expected from the initial sniff.

DNY MYNY Perfume 3
DKNY MYNY Perfume: A pleasant fruity-floral scent that will probably be a crowd-pleaser.

All in all, I'd say this is a wearable fruity-floral perfume with a hint of patchouli. It won't please the super-niche perfume crowd, but it will probably please everyone else, and in particular those who like their perfumes to open with a sweet note. For me, the perfume isn't too bad, although it's not my favourite - the part which I disliked the most (the fruity, sweet opening) turned out to be fairly transient, and the notest I liked better (the florals and slight patchouli) were the ones that stayed around the longest. That said, this is probably going to be a crowd-pleaser - its fruity-floral composition will probably do quite well in this part of the world, where young, feminine scents are popular. DKNY has added a little more zest to this composition with the raspberry, so that makes it slightly different. For anyone looking for a young, fruity-floral Fall/Winter scent that won't offend anyone around you, this is a good pick.

Recommended? Scent Complexity Sillage Lasting Power
Yes, if you like mainstream scents Fruity Floral Average Wide Long
The Bottom Line: This fruity-floral fragrance will please lovers of sweet, feminine mainstream scents.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. it looks so nice ! My MIL just got me a nikki minaj perfume i do not like her music but the perfume smells like heaven, and since i am in project pan I cannot buy any perfume until i finish my kenzo (which is almost gone) but i am gonna put this one on my list to check for when flower by kenzo is gone :D


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