Vanity Trove January 2013: Variety is the Spice of Life

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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Merry Christmas everyone, and hope you had a great and peaceful holiday season! Here's a look at January 2012's Vanity Trove! It's not a big Trove this time round, but there's a mix of all sorts of things - makeup, makeup remover, skincare, and food! Let's take a look.

First up, we have a full-sizes Essence Eye Shadow and a small sample of Albion Skin Conditioner. The Albion Skin Conditioner is quite small, so it's more of a "filler" item to me than anything else, but man, I'm so excited by the Essence eyeshadow! I didn't even know Essence had made it to Singapore! Now I know, and I also know that it's actually quite fairly priced here too! The eyeshadow was smooth and well-pigmented, and worth the price. In fact, I totally plan to make a trip down to buy myself more Essence products. Thanks Vanity Trove for the introduction!

vanity trove january 1

Next, we have another product that gets lots of raves, the Bifesta Make-Up Remover. It's a micellar makeup remover, which has been quite popular lately (other brands I've written about are the Enavose FloraComfort Cleanser and the Bioderma Sensibio H2O). Although this is a sample, it's decently sized, and will give you quite a few uses. It also comes with their Japanese cotton pads, so that's a nice touch too. It is really great for those who want a makeup remover with the cleansing power of oil, but the feel of water.

vanity trove january 2

The next thing - skincare products! This month I got a My Beauty Diary Mask, and a small sample pot of Yuskin Family Medical Cream. The mask is good for one-time application, and is not bad. The Yuskin Family Medical Cream is useful on body, hands and dry spots like elbows, but I find it less useful on the face.

vanity trove january 3

Lastly, munchies! Here we have a TruLife Lingzhi Immunity Drink and a Slim Secrets Bar. The TruLife Lingzhi Immunity Drink is more of a general health product, and is suitable for the guys as well. The Slim Secrets Bar is meant to help as a weight loss aid by helping to provide a tasty outlet for your snack cravings.

vanity trove january 4

There's also a small mini-magazine-cum-catalogue in there (accessible online here) that has writeups of the products as well as other tips and tricks.

Overall, this month's Vanity Trove lets you try out some highly-raved brands, and has a good mix of items. Most samples are also of a decent size, so that's great too. If you didn't like this Trove, there are others you can buy as well: a Superberry Trove, and a Mangoesteen Trove. For men, you can also get a Sasa Men Trove, a LAB SERIES Men Trove. Lastly, Vanity Trove is also having a giveaway: for people who subscribe to 3,6 or 12 months before 31 Dec, they stand a chance to win awesome goodies from Goldheart, Ujene and VanityTrove. So if you want to suscribe, better do soon to increase your chances of winning!

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