Silkygirl Blush Hour Swatches

Friday, December 7, 2012

Silkygirl is the Asian equivalent of Wet n' Wild - cheap, cheery, and sometimes the product quality is actually on par with that of higher-end brands. One of their most popular products is their blush. You can check out the Silkygirl site to see the name of this blush - I'm not actually sure whether the name is Blush Hour (which is the name on the store label) or just Blush. Anyway here are searches:

silkygirl blush hour swatches

01 Nectar Blush is a light pinky peach.
02 Dune Rose is a light pink duskier than Nectar Blush.
03 Flashing Rose is a light warm pink, more pink than Nectar Blush, brighter than Dune Rose.
04 Honeywood is actually a nice warm nude that's quite wearable, although it just doesn't stand out as much against the brighter, lighter pink shades. It's not too dark for fair skintones.


  1. I'm heading over to Singapore mid 2013 - I'll have to check out Silkygirl when I get there. What other products from their line would you recommend?

    1. @Vita: I'm so excited! Let me know when you have more details on your trip to Singapore! I personally quite like the Silkygirl brand, and other than their blushes (which have a decent texture and pigmentation), I also like their pressed powders. I'm less keen on their lipsticks - the colour selection isn't great and the texture is kinda drying. The eyeshadows are decent except for the limited colour range, so if you see one you like, go Shea and get it :) Hope this helps!

    2. Thank you! I'll add the powders and eyeshadows to my list - I'll definitely keep you updated on the trip. I'm very excited - I love Singapore and there's always something new every time I visit!


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