Hong Kong Haul: Lavshuca and Revlon (Yes, Revlon)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I recently spent 2 weeks in Hong Kong, and I really enjoyed it there. The food is awesome, you don't need a car to get around, and there's something for everyone - shopping (both high-end and low-you-must-bargain-at-markets-end, sight-seeing, scenery, plenty to do both day and night! I totally ate til I was stuffed! The only thing is that the houses and apartments are really small (so by extension your hotel room won't be too large), and that not everyone there has a good command of English, so if like me you don't know any Cantonese, it can be a little daunting. But I loved it, and I have a small haul to show you!

Now you know I rarely do the huge hauls, because I already have a looot of makeup, but I can't resist adding to my collection every now and then. So here you go, a small haul! (I have to tell you. I am so, so proud of my self-control. You know how much self-restraint it took to not buy up everything in sight, huh? Huh?)

First, I got a couple of Lavshuca items. Lavshuca is one of the subsidiary brands under Japanese skincare and cosmetics brand Kanebo, but targeted at the drugstore market. You gotta love the pretty packaging! It was soooo hard picking just a couple of items, but I did it!

The first item I got was the Lavshuca Cheek Color in RD-1. They had 4 shades in all (PK-1, OR-1, RD-1 and RD-2) and this was my favourite. Although the name might make you think it's red, it's actually not. I'd call it a soft pink-coral. Very pretty. Best part? This was less than SGD$10 (~US$6-7), so it was a great deal!

lavshuca cheek colour rd 1

The next Lavshuca item I bought was the Custom Selective Eyes Duo in BR-2. Lavshuca has so many eyeshadow palettes, but a lot of them had excessively glittery, unpigmented shades I knew I wouldn't use. And I didn't want to buy a palette knowing I'd only use half the shades in it. But then I saw this little baby, and it was love at first sight.

The Custom Selective Eyes Duos come in a sliding mechanism, so you can slide the entire lid off. What I love about BR-2 is that it's got both lovely colours, and the shades have gorgeous texture and good pigmentation. The first shade is a light antique golden brown, the second is a deeper brown. Now this is love at first sight!

lavshuca eyeshadow br 2

Other than the makeup, I also got nail polish! I know it seems weird to get Revlon nail polish in Hong Kong, but these colours never reached Singapore, and they were discounted, so they were super cheap at only SGD$4 (~US$2-3). I know the US girls are used to picking up cheap drugstore makeup from Costco or the Dollar Store, but in Asia the makeup sales are extremely miserable by comparison - if you're lucky the drugstores give you 20% off, that's it. And this is not even considering the fact that US brands tend to jack up their prices in Asia, sometimes quite recklessly. So sometimes, even with the sales, it's not that great a deal compared to what folks in the US are paying. But anyway, enough with my ranting.

revlon nail polish

I got Whimsical (the Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air dupe), Naughty (Chanel Paradoxal dupe), and Popular (not a dupe of anything, but so pretty!). Yes, I know these have come and gone in the US, and are in the discount bins in Hong Kong, but they haven't even reached Singapore yet (and probably never will). See how sad my life is?

Aaand, now for the non-haul stuff: sightseeing! For the food photos, I actually took those on my iPhone instead, so if you want to see those, do follow me on Instagram as I'll be putting up my food pics there (like I always do)! This was the best photo I could get of the Hong Kong night scene. This was at Victoria Harbour, near Star Avenue.

hong kong victoria harbour

We also went to Ocean Park, one of the theme parks there. I skipped Disneyland because I've already went to the one in Anaheim, and if you've been there, the other Disneylands are just pale copies of the original (not to mention all the narration for the rides are in Cantonese, which I don't understand). This is Ocean Park from the entrance. Those mascots are kinda scary ugly looking, but it looks a lot better on the inside!

hong kong ocean park out

And there we are, inside Ocean Park. I did tell you the inside was much nicer than the outside right? There was a lot of fun stuff to do here - rides, look at animals (they have like a mini-zoo inside there - there). I really enjoyed it!

hong kong ocean park in

Photo of a panda at the Asian animals exhibit. I had to stalk Mr Panda while he was eating for quite awhile to get this shot, a lot of the other shots were blurry. I'll be posting the animal photos on Instagram too - you can see the goldfish pic I already put up!

hong kong panda

And, a view of Victoria Harbour from Victoria Peak. Here you can really see how crowded Hong Kong is! I'm definitey a city kinda person, so I don't mind it :)

hong kong victoria peak

Lastly, a photo of the Star Ferry at Central pier. Remember when OPI put out that Hong Kong collection and a shade was called Meet Me On The Star Ferry? Yeah, this is the Star Ferry! (PS - I don't think anyone actually wants to meet on the Star Ferry. For one, it's not exactly a cruise liner and not that comfortable to meet someone on. And for another, the ride is like, 5 minutes? So I'm not sure how long you'd get to actually meet someone for on that ride...)

hong kong star ferry

And that's it for this post! Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Amazing pics?
    And I`m in love with Revlon Nail Polishes!

  2. omg i miss hk so bad! I came back with S*** LOADS OF make up! like sooooooooooo much I havnt used half of them! going in march! cant wait!

  3. I recently visited HK as well and you pics brought back so many memories!!

  4. Hi! I'm thinking of ordering this exact Lavshuca blush and eye duo, and was wondering what they look like on skin - if you find the time, could you maybe post swatches, pretty please?

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