Spotted: Cute Lipbalms and Glosses!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You know that I love me some cuteness, so when I spotted these I just had to snap a photo for my blog! These are some Lip Smackers glosses and balms in the cutest flavors - I totally want a lipbalm that tastes just like Coca-Cola! (Actually, on second thought, I don't - I'd just end up eating up all my gloss and using it up in a week, LOL.)

cute lipbalms 1

cute lipbalms 2

cute lipbalms 3

Anyway I love when I come across stuff like this - it's cute and makes me smile. Is anyone else a sucker for such novelty items?


  1. OMG I had those when I was a teen! We had Dr. Pepper ones too :) Lip Smacker makes a billion flavours!

  2. Heh they've been around in Watsons/Guardian for a while already, I think! I like flavoured lip glosses/balms too, but I think it tempts me to lick my lips more often and that dries them out :(


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