Morilins Facial Therapy Mask: Brightening and Tightening, and Pretty Good

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sheet mask time! This time, I'm trying out Morilins, a Japanese brand focusing on organic skincare products. Morilins currently has a line of sheet masks, but there are plans for hair and bodycare too. Of course, I just had to try the sheet masks - because there aren't all that many types of organic sheet masks around!

The mask comes in your typical mask pack. On the inside, you can see the mask, all soaked in a generous helping of serum. The one I'm trying is the Morilins Facial Therapy Brightening + Tightening Mask.

morilins mask brightening tightening inside

The serum actually has a very sweet, slightly botanical, which I find very pleasant. In fact, it kind of reminds me slightly of the scent of some Liz Earle products. I think this is because both brands use a lot of natural ingredients, perhaps? It's that "botanical extracts" smell, if you know what I mean. The serum is also thickly textured and takes awhile to sink into your skin. If you do leave the serum on your face for an extended time, you'll have to massage the serum into your skin to facilitate absorption.

Other than the serum quality, one of the selling points of the Morilins Mask is its special sheet material, which the company calls the Diamond Plaid Sheet Mask, which is stretachable and has strong elasticity. You're supposed to stretch the sheet to fit your face size/shape before applying the mask. I have to admit, the mask sheet was nice and thick, and held a lot of serum without breaking - which is no joke given how thick the serum was. It's great, really - my only gripe is that the mask is a tad too small for my face (if you don't already know I kinda have a large face), so even with some stretching, the fit of the mask was not optimal.

morilins sheet mask texture

Despite the small hiccup in the sheet mask size, I actually liked it. The smell was very relaxing, too, since I really liked the botanically-infused smell. For me, this is really more of a wind-down and relax mask than anything else. More than that though, the mask was excellent in moisturizing my skin - although I felt like a lot of the serum was sitting on top of my skin because it was so thick, I felt that it really helped my skin feel more hydrated after the treatment. I had put the excess serum on other parts of my body too, e.g. legs, hands, neck, and I also feel like the skin where I put the serum on felt slightly softer after it had sunk in. I didn't see the brightening/tightening effects, but this is just one use, so I wasn't expecting any results on this front yet.

morilins mask brightening tightening ingredients

Lastly, I rather liked the ingredients that came in the Morilins masks. The masks include a raange of botanical ingredients, and include them quite near the front of the ingredients list, too, not just as "fillers", which I thought was nice. It's good to see a brand actually ive up to its advertising.

So, would I recommend this? It depends on your face mask preferences. If you're looking for a face mask that offers good luxurious moisturization, and don't mind a mask with a sticky serum texture and longer absorption time, then this mask is worth looking into. They are available in Sasa and, for $9.90 per mask.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


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