Elianto Burnt Umber: Rich Autumn in a Nail Polish!

Monday, September 24, 2012

So I have on my nails Elianto Burnt Umber, and all I have to say is, OMG this is one gorgeous polish. Yeah sure it's brown, but it's not an ugly, poopy kinda brown. This one is so beautiful and wearable it just pops out at you! I previously blogged about this polish (and a few other things) in my haul post from a super long time ago, and I'm only starting to wear it now!

See what I mean? Unfortunately it was already late afternoon when I painted my nails, so you guys won't get to see this baby sparkling in all it's glory. But this is good too - its pretty from any angle! I bought this like eons ago in the polish fanatic's world (in the real world it's more like one year, but the polish world moves quickly), and I only just got around to trying it.

elianto burnt umber nail polish 2

Burnt Umber is a rusty browned-burgundy base, with loads of gold and (I think) orange shimmer. This mix of colours is what makes it amazing. In most lights it looks like a rusty brown with rich gold shimmer, but sometimes I feel like it looks slightly more burgundy instead. From some angles, I even see some sort of green tinge to the glitter, although it doesn't translate as well on the nail.

And the best thing is, because Burnt Umber isn't like, brown brown, but reddish brown, it's incredibly flattering on my hands and fingers. I imagine the fact that it leans red makes it more wearable (I mean, red is a classic colour for nail polish, right?). And the shimmer really makes the shade look so luxe. It even looks good in indoor lights because the shimmer reflects the light and catches the eye.

elianto burnt umber nail polish 1

Application was also a breeze. I didn't have any major application issues, and two coats gave full opacity. The polish pretty much applied itself. I have to say, if all of Elianto's polishes apply this way, I need to get them alllll. What's not to like? I tried this with my PVA glue base coat (Elmer's glue), and it stayed on pretty well! At the end of the 4th day, I wa starting to get a few chips at the corners of my nails - which is pretty good for me, since I usually get chips into my 3rd or 4th day. It could have lasted longer, but I got impatient and peeled it off.

eilanto burnt umber nail polish 3

The autumnal look of the polish, as well as its fantastic shimmer, was what made me try it on (albeit one year later!), and I find I'm really loving it! It kinda looks like the colour of falling leaves to me. Anyone else loving rich colours like this one?


  1. Love this color for Fall or anytime for that matter!

  2. This looks so much like the Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice. Have you had a chance to look at that one yet?

    1. @Pins, Patterns and Polish: Unfortunately I haven't been able to check that one out yet, but you're right, looking at swatches they do look somewhat similar! :)


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