Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Rose and Lavender Special Edition: ComingSoon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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If you liked Liz Earle's flagship product, the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, then you'll like this news - the award-winning formula is being updated to include rose and lavender essential oils.

Starting 6 September, we will see the launch of the Cleanse & Polish Rose and Lavender Special Edition, which I'm sure will smell absolutely heavenly. The calming and relaxing lavender oil combined with the soothing properties of rose make this product ideal for night-time use. The Special Edition Cleanse & Polish retails for £19.25 for 150ml, and wow, the bottle is beautiful.

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Also, Liz Earle will donate £2.00 from every product purchased to The Prince’s Trust, helping young people into jobs and training. So you can indulge yourself and do good both at once! It's a little more expensive than the current Liz Earle 100ml (£12.75) and 200ml (£24) sizes for the normal edition, but hey, you're doing a good deed! (If you remove the £2 donation from the cost of the Special Editon Cleanse & Polish, you actually get a better deal per ml than the normal editions.)

There's actually a further backstory to this, centering around Liz Earle's involvement in The Tomorrow Campaign (basically the new Special Edition Cleanse & Polish is a result of the company's work with the campaign which will be sold to raise funds for the Trust), but for beauty fanatics, all you need to know is that the favourite Cleanse & Polish is going to have a gorgeous smell, and that if you buy it, you'll be contributing to charity!

(Information provided by company. I am not affiliated to the company and do not benefit in any way from sharing this information.)

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