Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 Nail Trends: Not Impressed! Yawn.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

You know that although I don't really follow trends all that much, I do like to see what happens on the catwalk - I like taking a look at which trends are showcased, and the different designers' takes on the trends. I'm not talking about the clothes of course, or even the makeup (although I watch that with interest too), I'm talking about nails!

This year, the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 nail trends are just so yawn-inducing, I found myself thinking "Dammit, that's boring" and "Sheesh, I've seen that a gazillion times done by other bloggers". Let me give you three reasons why:

1. The "Oops, I Ruined My Mani Look" is in Again

Sigh. I just hope this doesn't spark a rush of copycat blogposts. The last time some celebrity wore the "I ruined my mani" look in a magazine, it was all over my Google Reader. I'm a bit of a traditionalist in that I like my nails to look like painted nails, not ruined manicures passing off as artistic statements. To me, it's one of those "works for the runway, not for me" type things. Nice silver colour, though, very sleek. Does it even look a little holographic?

(Source: Vogue)

2. Shatter and Crackle Nail Polish (Or Stuff That Looks Like It)

Come on guys, you're supposed to be like the pinnacle of the fashion world, right? Shatters and crackles are so, like, two years ago. This is defiitely a yawn for me. I'm not sure exactly what was used to make that thing below, but man, it sure looks like plain ol' black crackle polish. (I just learned it's called croc nails from a reader who commented below. Thanks Joanna! The nails though - sheesh. Almost the same thing, just a different name.) Boring. Next!

(Source: Vogue)

3. Boring Colours and Combinations

For fall, the look seems to be - you guessed it, deep dark vampy shades, and nudes, and some new neutrals (like grey). Yawn. I mean, for sure these are classic shades, but man, I was hoping that with the Pantone colour palette for Fall including some kick-ass shades (Olympian Blue, Bright Chartreuse), the nails would be something a little more bright, colour-wise.

Even the nail art was boring. There was minx (which is cool, but not if you're a polish lover like me), and then there was stuff like this: Nude and black (or in this case, dark brown) french tips for nail art. That's a french manicure with a dark tip. I've seen this done before on so many blogs. It's a nice look, but not groundbreaking or anything.

(Source: Vogue)

And then there's this. I can't figure out what it is. It looks like a deep vampy base (or possibly even black, hard to tell in that lighting), with random strips of grey painted on it. Still, it looks sort of cool, I guess:

(Source: Vogue)

Okay, not all of it was bad. There were pops of colour here and there, primarily blue (must be Olympian Blue). Some fashion houses got lazy and just painted the nails straight-up blue. Some, this, got a little more interesting, and even did all-out nail art. This was the highlight for me, I guess.

(Source: Vogue)

(Source: Vogue)

So, this is why I'm totally not impressed with the nail trends as seen on the runway for Fall/Winter 2012. Despite all the hoo-ha that surrounds Fashion Week, I really only have one response:


(For the record though, I absolutely love MaKayla Maroney. Falling on your butt and STILL getting an Olympic silver medal? That's still quite the acheivement in my book!)


  1. What? the first one is just weird :/ although handy when you ruined it unintentionally :D

  2. I'm just as unimpressed! I was hoping for something more...and really croc nails are crackle nails,it's not new,it just breaks differently.

    Do you know about putting soil on your nails? I'm working on a post on that cause it seems that's trendy too

    x Joanna @ The Treasure Chest

    1. not only Croc Joanna - they are also passed on as Phython Skin or Snake Skin - same thing in as many names as they could think of.

    2. They are also passed on as Phython Skin and Snake Skin - same thing passed on as many names they could think of

    3. @Joanna: I totally LOLed at putting soil on your nails! Let's hope that trend never catches on for real!

  3. I feel your pain, so much. The last one was cool tho, even tho I prefer it when the fake nails aren't so obvious in pics (seriously why would they let the natural nail be seen on the pic?)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I like a french mani with a nude and black or vampy shade but I wear the nude on the tips :) I could never wear the oops mani, when I ruin my mani by accident people need to step away from me or else... makes me wonder, if a female hulk excisted, would she turn green when her mani is ruined? interesting concept lol :)
    ps great post


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