YSL Touche Eclat Swatches!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

YSL Touche Eclat by now needs absolutely no introduction. It's one of the famous concealers of the world, and apparently works wonders on the undereyes, due to its luminous properties. Now I'm not sure if a simple click-pen of concealer is worth so much, but evidently tons of people do. So here are swatches! Unfortunately, my store didn't have the entire range, and they didn't stock the darkest colour. That makes me sad. But I hope this photo helps whoever might look at it!

01 Luminous Radiance is a light pink-toned beige.

02 Luminous Ivory is a light yellow-toned beige.

03 Light Peach is a warm orange-y tan shade.

If I'm not wrong, I've been told that pink counteracts brown eyebags, and yellow counteracts blue/purple undereye circles. I'm sure there are all sorts of theories, contradictory and otherwise, going on out there, but I believe that's the general rule of thumb if you're absolutely clueless and have no idea where to start. Of course it's not going to work 100% for everyone, but it's just a starting point, like all other makeup 'rules'.

To be fair, although I keep hearing complaints about how sheer Touche Eclat is, I didn't feel that they were really that sheer when swatching, although they definitely weren't as pigmented as some of the more pigmented products on the market. I guess if radiance is a main concern, and your undereye circles aren't too dark, and you don't mind the fiddly click-pen dispenser, this would be ideal.


  1. It's not a concealer, it's a highlighter, which is one of the biggest misconceptions about this product.

    Wear too much and under a camera flash you'll look like a nutter with huge white circles under your eyes in pictures.

  2. I'm NC15 which means that theoretically I should look a lot better in #2 than the more widely available #1. Not so. I'm not sure what it is in #1 that makes it effective as an undereye concealer, perhaps a lot of reflective particles, but whatever it is #2 doesn't have it. It doesn't cover and nor does it highlight. In fact it pretty much does nothing and I would recommend anyone pale to stick with #1 - the pink tone blends right out.

    I second the above comment about camera flash. For photography matte products are always the way to go.

  3. Nice blog!! Just discovered it! I love touche elat, they are amazing for brightening up!
    Stop by my blog anytime!!!!

  4. I have #02 and it's okay, but I don't think it's anything fantastic. I wouldn't buy it again.

  5. YSL concealer is also one of my favorites.

  6. I love this product! I still use regular concealer under my eyes (Laura Mercier), but this product is amazing for brightening. I think it takes at least 3 years off of my face when I use it--honestly. I use #1 as a brightener/highlighter.

  7. Thanks so mjch for these swatches. I have the #2 already and really needed to see it next to the #3. Very helpful! Thanks


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