Rock and Republic Spank Blush: Review, Swatch and FOTD

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rock and Republic has been making huge waves in makeup fandom. Although they're very steeply priced (and I say this with no exaggeration), people have been clamouring left and right for their makeup items, because they are of undeniably good quality. It also helps that they go on sale at Hautelook and Editor's Closet every now and then in the USA (Ahem - there are invite links in the "Like Shopping? Join Me!" sidebar to both online stores if you need them). But whatever the reason, be it hype, product quality, or discounts, you can't deny people have been raving about them.

Rock and Republic Spank

That said - I'm pretty sure packaging plays a part. The blushes themselves come in a huge pan, and the mirror-like casing is substantial and has the R&R logo elaborately decorating the cover. And to top it off, the entire huge compact comes in a big black paper box - yes each blush has its own paper box container. It looks really luxe, but it takes up a lot of space, and not to mention, the environmentally-conscious will bemoan all the trees that had to die for fanciful packaging. But otherwise, ostentatious presentation aside, the packaging is alright - the flip-top lid is sensible, it's got a good-sized mirror inside the lid, and the blush pan is big enough for your brush to comfortably make swipes across the product.

Spank is one of the more celebrated colours from Rock and Republic's blush line, because it's a universal, flattering pink. Honestly, it's pretty subtle, and if you're a NARS blush kind of girl, Spank might look pretty disappointing at a first glance, because it just looks like your everyday subtle pink blush. I mean, it's a neutral light pink. Sure it's a universal colour, but it does sound a little boring...

Rock and Republic Spank

Upon swatching, you realize why this thing has been getting all the raves - its smooth texture and awesome pigmentation take the cake. Of course, neutral light pinks along the lines of Rock and Republic's Spank are a dime a dozen, but where Spank outdoes the most of them is in quality. One of the pitfalls of light-coloured blushes is that often, companies formulate them in such a way that they are chalky and unpigmented. So if you're looking for a light-coloured blush, finding one that is of decent pigmentation and quality can be a challenge. But Rock and Republic has made sure that Spank didn't fall into that trap. It's smooth, silky and finely-milled, and very nicely pigmented indeed.

Rock and Republic Spank Swatch

Wear time on this blush was also good, and it pretty much lasted the whole day. I really liked this blush a lot, and while it's not a particularly exciting colour, I think it's a good basic. It's also one of those no-brainer colours that goes with everything - perfect for those days when you don't know what colour to wear.

Here's an FOTD (Face of the Day) with Spank. I urge you not to look at the pimple. Repeat, do not look at the pimple. Aww shucks. I knew you'd look anyway...

Spank Blush FOTD

I guess the idea of paying Rock and Republic prices for a blush so basic might make some girls gag, but I suppose if you are looking for quality basics to spend on, Spank is a really good option. It has everything I look for in a blush - soft texture, good pigmentation, and great lasting power - so if you do end up buying it, you won't regret it. But of course, if you already have a colour like that and are happy with it, then perhaps Spank would be a nice addition to your makeup stash, but not one that is strictly necessary. My advice, if you are located in the USA, would be to wait til it goes on sale at Hautelook and Editor's Closet to make your purchase (Ahem again - don't forget the invite links in my sidebar :P ). Spank is a great blush, so if you can get your hands on it for a decent price, I think it's worth it.


  1. That blusher looks like it was made for you. I have never seen a blusher which works just as well on dark skin as it does on light. I was lemming after cream blushers but this may have to go on the wishlist.

  2. I only have two R&R blushes I bought from their website, but I got them for $15.99! I love them. I need this color!

  3. I've had this one for a long time (probably 6 months) and still haven't opened it yet (shame on me!!). It looks lovely on you and I'm getting it out today to try it! x jeanie

  4. I would love to get more of these - Spank looks gorgeous! I have one R&R blush in Call Me which is very pretty coral/pink. I wish we could still get the brand in the UK.

  5. The colour looks really gorgeous on you! I have and R & R blush in Kinky,but Spank looks a whole lot more wearable

  6. The color looks really natural on you! Well i'm not from USA so I can't purchase any make-up stuff anyway... ~

  7. pretty color! suits you well! love blushes! def. gives you a nice glow!

  8. Ive wondered about these blushes because I have seen so many people using the. The packaging is definitely gorgeous.

  9. I have Spank too!
    I love it! It lasts up to 10-12hrs :)!
    and it's so naturally gorgeous!

  10. I wish they sold them here in Austria so I could try them out! But swatches are always helpful, thank you!

  11. @blusherine

    i'm from austria as well ^^
    i bought them via lj sales ;)
    look out for them, you might see some!

  12. Pretty shade! The blusher match your skin, definitely gorgeous.
    Anyway thanks...

  13. That blush looks gorgeous. Shame I can't get Rock and Republic here in Australia.

    Also I loved that post that you did about how to distinguish different skintones- it helped me understand what never really understood very well. Thumbs up!

  14. Sorry I'm a bit late but I was just browsing your blog :D
    I'd love to get hold of this but they're so expensive over the net :'(


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