Beauty Blog Backstage: Retro Urban Rainbow

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today's post is an interview with Rachael of Retro Urban Rainbow! She's got an awesome blog, as you'll discover from the interview:

1. What made you start your blog?
At the time I got laid off work and had all this extra time and nothing to do with it. It got me playing with my cosmetics more and doing my roommates makeup everytime we went out. A friend said to me "I like when you post your makeup on facebook." It was that statement I thought I should start my own blog!

2. Your blog features a lot of very vibrant, sometimes-bordering-on-almost-crazy makeup looks. Do you wear these looks out, or are they just for your blog or for experimentation?
When I first starting doing them, it was just for fun. But they quickly became a favorite of mine to create. I was never one to not be myself and I thought, what the hell...I'm wearing it out. I have gotten some weird looks in the past. For example when I went out for my friends birthday looking like Ke$ha in her "Take It Off" video the bartender asked me if he knew I had paint on my face. I just laughed. I'm crazy and have no limits! :)

3. You've written a very notable post regarding Marie Claire's article on the perception of larger-sized girls. Is this issue something you generally feel strongly about?
Sadly, not until recently this year. For the longest time I tried different diets and exercising. . I was ashamed of how I looked. And reading all those magazines growing up I just wanted to be a stick. That article lit a fire up under my ass to voice my opinion in the matter. I still workout, but I'm not hating on myself for being plus sized. Starting my blog actually changed my view on myself and seeing others like me out there all over the world. I know Marie Claire isn't and wont be the only magazine or person saying/feeling that way. Why should someone get away with making another feel badly about themselves?

4. What do you like best about blogging?
I love being able to vent, educate and ramble my opinion. It's also so amazing the people you can meet in the blogging community.

5. What do you like least about blogging?
It can be time consuming when your working and going to school all at once.

6. Are you more of a budget beauty, or a high-maintenance girl?
I'm high maintenance that is purely the truth! Lately I've been getting into indie brands, they cost less and sometimes have great products. But I'm true to Urban Decay, MAC and Chanel.

7. Lastly - I just HAVE to ask - any favorite beauty products you absolutely can't live without?
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners. It's the only eyeliner I use and I have it in all colors!


  1. She is so cute and unique, so thanks for doing a feature on her!


  2. Love your blog! Check out mine-


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