Gabrielle Faust by Overall Beauty Collecttion Swatches!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

You know when something has officially become a cultural phenomenon when even your makeup is influenced by it. The Gabrielle Faust Collection, by Overall Beauty, is a goth-themed makeup collection, and is benefiting from the Edward Cullen and Twilight wave. Now, the craze has gotten to such an extent that when I first heard "makeup" and "gothic" in the same sentence, I automatically assumed that it was going to be really lousy. Fortunately, it isn't.

There are eight colours in this collection, and they run the gamut from your shimmery vanilla highlight to your deep smokey grey, but the standouts of this collection are the purple and grey-based shades. And those who love smokey and purple shades are in luck - half the collection is made up of such colours. The only catch is that all of these are matte, and while this won't be a problem with some people, those who have a strong preference for shimmery or glittery colours may wish there were a few shimmer shades.

Gabrielle Faust Overall Beauty

L-R: Aftermath, Indiscretion, Karmic Knight, Misanthrope

Aftermath is one of those browns that would be perfect for cooler-toned girls. It's a dusty grey-brown with no hint of red or orange whatsoever.

Indiscretion is a matte smokey inky grey. I guess you could sort of call it a soft black?

Karmic Knight is a dusty deep eggplant purple. Very pretty and smokey.

Misanthrope is a lighter purple than Karmic Knight, and also a smokey, greyed-out type of colour. It's like a dusty midtone lilac.

All of these are my favourite shades, and definitely the standouts of the entire collection. The quality of these is also much better than I thought it would be. When I saw that this was a vampire-themed collection, I thought, "Oh, it's so gimmicky, it's going to suck so bad," but it isn't. The texture is finely-milled and smooth, and the pigmentation is excellent, and the colours are also quite blendable. Over the next few days, I'll be doing a couple of EOTD (Eye of the Day) looks with these colours to show you how pretty they are. If you like these sultry, smokey colours, these are really worth a go.


  1. Misanthrope is SOOOOOOOO pretty! *_*

  2. Karamic Knight please ^^
    These are also good make-up to create fake bruises lols.

  3. I love this collection! I usually don't like mattes but these were just great <3

  4. Eh I'm not really into the whole vampire thing, but that's just me. The shades are nice, but I would probably use them for eyeliner!

  5. Never heard of this company before but these are all so beautiful.


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