MAC Rodarte Controversy: How You Can Help the Women of Juarez

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm not going to expound on my opinions in this post (since my LAST POST was already quite clear on my views). But there's no point raising awareness without follow-up action, so here's what you can do to further help the women of Juarez:

1. Sign a petition: This is one started by Healing Beauty, and I think it's well-reasoned and articulate: LINK.

2. Donate money: Both PinkSith and Pretty in Dayton have compiled a list of charities that are safe to donate to. PinkSith's list is HERE, while Pretty in Dayton's list is HERE. I do think they have the same charities listed down, as they were helping each other with the research.

3. Continue raising awareness about it! You can tweet about the issue with the hashtag #rodartemac, or you can direct anyone who's interested to Tsunimee's compilation of blogposts on the issue. After all, MAC didn't offer an apology and agree to donate money just because they were feeling nice; they did it because the beauty community raised awareness about the issue and they were afraid of alienating customers.

I hope everyone who has been unhappy with the Rodarte collection will do one or more of these. And for everyone else who preferred the "it's just makeup" stance, I hope your indifference to the controversy doesn't stop you from helping out the cause by signing the petition or making a donation - if you're going to buy from the collection anyway, wouldn't it be good to see it go to charity? A good cause is always worth your time and effort, regardless of whether you agree with the opinions of others or not.


  1. Thank you for writing this post. I just signed the petition (although my name hasn't shown up yet) and I will be exploring the different charities. Hopefully we can get people who are not only in the makeup community to be aware of this.

  2. I signed and also made the comment that all the pressure appears to be on MAC. Rodarte are as much if not more to blame. Makeup at least is a mass market product. There is something especially sickening about a niche and prohibitively priced fashion house profiting from the misery of the women of Juarez. I'd like to see not only MAC increasing their $100,000 commitment but Rodarte either completely withdrawing their fashion collection based on Juarez or donating the entire proceeds (not profits, proceeds) to the charities listed.


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