KOTD: Orly Foil Luxe and Wet n Wild Black

Monday, July 26, 2010

A few weeks back, my programme had a boat party for the postgraduates, and of course I had to go - it was free for students, and they provided dinner, and you know I'm all up for a free meal :P The dress code was formal, but in rebellion of the utter impracticality of wearing tuxedos and gowns in summer, our class chose to go informal anyway.

Anyway, the whole point of me telling you this is because it actually has something to do with today's NOTD. I started building my outfit around my nails, as I am increasingly wont to do lately, and I decided that I wanted to wear blingy gold nails with some konad. (Note to everyone: only weirdos like me start thinking about their nails before thinking about their clothes.)

Naturally, I picked out Orly Luxe, from the Foil FX Collection, and I stamped it over with Wet n Wild Black. I used Konad plate M81 for the design. And tada:

Orly Luxe Wet n Wild Black Konad

This is two coats of Orly Luxe, under natural light, konaded over with Wet n Wild Black, which is a really opaque black creme. I just LOVE Orly Luxe. It's probably the best gold foil ever, and definitely the standout of the entire Orly Foil FX Collection. I mean, good gold foils are hard to come by, and this one is smooth, easy to apply, and opaque in one coat (ooh, gold foil konad coming up!). And not to mention I love the colour - it's a shade of gold that isn't too brassy or too warm, and would be perfect on almost anybody.

After I had done my nails, I realized that my nails matched a skirt I had just bought a few days ago (on sale from H&M, yay for 50% off summer sales!). So I ended up wearing the skirt, just because they matched my nails! And yes I know I'm a freak for matching my clothes to my nails, and not the other way around. What can I say - I probably have more nail polishes than I have clothes.

Here's a photo of my nails against the skirt. See, see? They match!

Orly Luxe Foil FX

And of course, since it was a boat party for postgrads, I managed to find something else that matched my nails:

Orly Luxe Wet n Wild Black

That was my friend's bottle, LOL. I don't drink very much, primarily because alcohol is full of empty calories, and I've never thought it was worth putting on weight for, with the possible sole exception of pear cider, LOL. I know, I'm a weirdo, but that's a pretty convincing argument to me, LOL.

Anyway, that was my KOTD, and I promise the next post won't feature any alcohol :P


  1. Mmmm, pear cider sounds good.

    Lovely nails and they do coordinate nicely. Did they still feed you even though you didn't follow the dress code? ;)

  2. Your nails look lovely! I love that gold, it is hard finding a good one and that is definitely going on my list to buy. It is stunning!

  3. Mmmmmmmmm pear cider! Haha cute mani.

  4. :) Very pretty! I got Rage from that collection, because I love rose gold more than yellow! Definitely can't wait to see how well it Konads!

  5. Oh I LOVE that NOTD! I need to get more Konad plates soon...

  6. @KarenD: I totally LOLed at your comment! They did feed us...They didn't even seem very bothered by the fact that the entire class turned up dressed really informally, LOL!

  7. I love pear cider. I love H&M. I never match my nails to my clothes, but I do match my clothes to my nails! Actually I am more concerned about matching my shoes to my pedi!

    Love the layout!!!

  8. this is very pretty! love both the color and design

  9. i love the shade!!! you are so right about shade like this is really hard to come by, and it is not streaky at all!

  10. I absolutely LOVE your weirdness. I would so put my outfit around my mani. And you had a fabulous pick, loved the mani and loved the fabric on the skirt. Awesome!

  11. Your nails are gorgeous! Very elegant. & pear cider is delicious! lol!

  12. pure heavenly goldness! gorgoues gorgoues!!!

  13. Oh woah thats pretty firece

  14. Thats awesome! It looks like your skirt went really well with our Orly Foil Luxe! Guessing you were wearing black shoes?

  15. @ORLY Beauty: Yes, I was wearing black shoes! :D


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