Sephora by OPI Domestic Goddess Matte: NOTD

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today's NOTD is a bright happy matte - Sephora by OPI Domestic Goddess Matte! Now I know the mattes trend isn't in the spotlight anymore, what with the advent of mint green, lilacs and neons, but there's still something about mattes that makes them look so cool to me. And to me the best thing about wearing mattes/suedes is that they dry super fast, so if I'm in a hurry they're perfect.

Domestic Goddess is a happy, bright purple that is still wearable despite being bright because of the matte finish. I kind of feel like the matte finish seems to "flatten" colours, and makes them less shocking? So while I would never wear Domestic Goddess if it wasn't matte (it would probably be a tad too bright for me), I'd happily wear it as as matte. And I feel like colours like Nails Inc Jermyn Street (here) look tres chic when they are not matte, but just look kind of blah when mattified. I suppose it's all a matter of preferences, but I personally prefer my mattes to be brighter (so that they don't look like blah mattes), and my non-mattes to be more muted (so they don't draw attention from my professors and remind them that I'm "that girl with the bright nail polish who's always late for class").

Here it is:

This is two coats. The first coat was a tad streaky and uneven, but two coats fixed it nicely. It also dries really fast, as is common for mattes and suedes.

Also, while I usually have a problem with wear when it comes to mattes, this particular one was actually surprisingly long-lasting on me, as far as mattes go. I think it lasted for a good 3-4 days (with base coat) before the first chip came on, so in effect it was probably as good as a regular non-matte polish. That's not bad at all. If you are using a base coat with this one though, it is vital that you wait for the base coat to dry before putting on any polish, because matte polish dries faster than normal polish, so to avoid problems with the different drying rates, it's just best to wait for the base coat to dry before putting on any matte polish.


  1. That's pretty! I would say that I agree with you in that it definitely seems to mute bright colors a bit. Even if you add a matte top coat, it does the trick.

  2. That is a great shade. I don't know if I like it matte though. Which is surprising because I love mattes!

  3. This is a gorgeous color. I am obsessed with making everything matte since it dries so fast. :P

  4. This color is super pretty!! i want to get it!

  5. I love this colour! It sounds like it works well. I just got a Max Factor varnish the other day, put it on after my base coat and it chipped within a day! Fail... x x x

  6. I absolutely adore this color! <3
    I need this!!! ><

  7. I love matte nail polish and this one is so pretty. I just hate when it ends up looking shiny right away. I have to invest in some matte topcoat.


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