Revlon Spring/Summer Collection 2010 Eyeshadow Quad and Super Lustrous Lipgloss Swatches!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Revlon has launched their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection this week. I happened to see this in Superdrug this week, and the collection was so on-trend with the colour range that I just HAD to swatch it. This collection has all the trendy colours for spring. Part of the collection consists of two nail polishes - one was the pale mint/jade green that's been popular lately, and the other was a pale pastel pink. I couldn't swatch those of course, but they also had a new addition to their ColorStay Eyeshadow Quad, called Summer Suede, and a few new Super Lustrous lipglosses, which I'm sure will be a hit among their many Super Lustrous lipgloss fans.

First up is the Revlon ColorStay Eyeshadow Quad for Spring/Summer 2010, called Summer Suedes:

Revlon Summer Suedes Eyeshadow Quad

This quad consists of a light pastel blue, a medium warm brown with a slight green duochrome (probably the most interesting colour in the palette), a pale pastel pink, and a bright coral. This quad is pretty unique, as far as quads go, and I especially like the duochrome brown. Although the duochrome is only very slight (it's more visible in the pan, but once swatched you can only see a hint of it), it's still pretty interesting in its own right - how often do you see a drugstore eyeshadow in a duochrome finish? It kind of reminds me of a much watered-down version of MAC Club, only that Club is much, much darker, less warm-toned, and has a stronger duochrome. They're not identical, but they're distant relatives in the colour family. Also the pale sky blue in the Summer Suedes quad is interesting. It looks like it was made to go along with the mint green nail trend, only that this colour is definitely more blue than green. The pale pastel baby pink is also really on trend, with all the pale pinks, pastels and lilacs this season. The coral colour is part of the "brights" trend that has been worming it's way into nail colour lately with collections like China Glaze's Up and Away.

I wouldn't personally wear this quad because coral and blue just aren't my thing when it comes to eyeshadows, although I do appreciate how on-trend and unique it is. I also really like how Revlon has combined the mint green/blue and bright coral colours with other more muted and neutral colours, so that you can actually create wearable looks with the palette. The pale pink works as a base or highlighter to go with either the mint green/blue or bright coral for a lid colour, and the light medium brown can feature in the crease. I think as long as you don't wear both the mint blue and the bright coral together, this palette coordinates pretty well.

The texture of the quad is soft enough, and not crumbly. They're not as soft as the Sleek shimmer shades, but they're not too bad. Pigmentation-wise, some of the colours were a bit weak, but they're buildable with some effort.

Next up are the Super Lustrous lipglosses for Revlon's Spring/Summer 2010. As I'm sure you know by now, Revlon's Super Lustrous lipglosses have acheived some kind of fame - there's a huge following. Personally I'm not a huge fan, but I have a couple I quite like. Once again, the lineup of lipglosses this season looks like a list of the season's trendiest colours - fortunately, they're pretty sheer for the most part so they're more wearable than they look. Here are swatches:

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss

Left - Right: Pink Pop 180, Coral Reef 170, Lilac Pastelle 200, Peach Petal 150, Firecracker 160

Pink Pop 180 is a bright pink that leans cool. This is not as sheer as the other Super Lustrous lipglosses in the series, but it's not totally opaque either. If you wear it, you'd still get a pop of colour.

Coral Reef 170 is a bright coral colour, and it looks like the lipgloss version of the coral colour in the Summer Suedes Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad. LOL. This is also one of the less sheer ones. Like Pink Pop 180, it doesn't provide complete coverage, but you will get a pop of colour.

Lilac Pastelle 200 looks like it was made for girls who want to match their lilac nail polish with a lipgloss! While I don't personally advocate the look, I think this lipgloss might be a good first start for anyone who wants to try out the lilac trend but is worried about looking like a corpse, because it's one of the most sheer colours in the line. It's probably about as wearable as lilac lipgloss is going to get.

Peach Petal 150 is also another sheer colour in the line, and this is a pale pastel peach, as the name suggests. It's a warm-toned colour, although I can see some cool-toned girls pulling this off too.

Firecracker 160 looks really bright in the tube, but it's actually quite sheer when swatched. It's a bright orangey red, with an emphasis on the orange. It's got pigment, but its transparency kind of reminds me of a lipstain, but only that this is actually a gloss.

One of the reasons why the Revlon Super Lustrous lipglosses are so popular is that they aren't sticky, and fortunately, these colours have the Super Lustrous formula, so they're not sticky at all, or at least as un-sticky as lipglosses are ever going to get. The downside though, is that they have a thin, watery texture, as opposed to a creamy texture. I personally prefer a creamy texture, but this is totally a matter of preference. Some girls will like the lightness of the Super Lustrous range.

Like I said, these colours were probably created with the current colour trends in mind, and if you're looking for a classic everyday colour, you're not going to find it in this collection. But for trend-conscious ladies, these are a cheap way to get into the latest makeup trends.


  1. I know KarlaSugar swatches nail polish on tape, just throwing an idea out?

    Thanks for the swatches, I've been interested in the coral gloss. :D

  2. @ Anoymous: Unfortunately in the UK we don't have testers for nail polish, so I can't swatch them :X But if we had, I totally would! :D

  3. Those glosses are pretty colours! I kind of like the look of the lilac one! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Do you ever swatch on lips? I'm dying to know how purple ur lips get with the lilac, and how peach (and not pink) the Peach is? I love pinky nudes, was kinda hoping it leaned pink on?

  6. @AlexisAdella: Unfortunately I never swatched on my lips...The kinds of germs and stuff that exist on testers is beyond amazing :P But the lilac is pretty sheer, I do build up my swatches and as you can see even then it's not 100% opaque. I do think your lips will be a bit more lilac-y with it on, but they will be more like lilac-y pinky than straight up lilac. And the peach one is actually also pretty sheer, and it's more beige-ish than pink IMHO. It'll probably be a beige wash with a hint of pink, more than a pinky-nude.

  7. Thanks so much.
    I totally understand about the testers. :o) I guess I missed the part about them being testers. Whoops. :o) So pretty tho. I love the Pink, the Peach and the Lilac.


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