Essie Aruba Blue NOTD

Sunday, March 28, 2010

An unfortunate accident has befallen my fingernails, so while I grow out the damage, I probably won't be taking NOTD pictures for a little while. Fortunately, I do have a backlog of NOTDs. Not a lot, and they're not very good, because they're from the days before I learnt about shaping my nails and cuticle cream, but they'll be sufficient to tide us over til my broken fingernails grow out again.

Anyway, today's featured NOTD is Essie Aruba Blue. Ahh, how I love this one. I know it's nowhere near summer yet - not here at least - but this is the perfect encapsulation of summer in a nail polish. It's a perfect blue, and I don't even normally wear blues! It recalls beaches, pools, and tans (not that I'm a fan of tanning, fake or real, due to the skin damage it causes). Just wearing Aruba Blue kind of makes me feel like the weather is warmer already!

The thing I really like Aruba Blue is that it's a good cross between a darker navy blue, and a brighter jewelled blue. I think it's a happy medium. And of course, how can you not love that glowy, reflective shimmer?

Application on this one was also good - it was pigmented and covered in one coat, although I did two out of habit. Wear time was also good, about 3-4 days before chipping. I usually don't like Essies because they're synonymous with boring pinks, sheers, and blahs, but when Essie decides to get a bit more creative, she does produce some really nice stuff. Come on Essie, we know you have it in you to give us something more than yet another ripoff of Ballet Slippers and all its sisters, brothers, cousins, half-cousins, and uninvited uncles, aunts, and in-laws. Will you now expand the family of Aruba Blue, please?


  1. Thanks for the NOTD. This is one nail polish I have neglected and I forgot how pretty it was ;)

  2. What a great shade of blue, and it looks lovely on you!

  3. That's a bright, happy blue! Sorry about your broken nails. I hope they'll grow out real soon. :)

  4. I'm kind of surprised to see a color like this from Essie but the color is beautiful!

  5. i loveee that colour! is so stunning!

  6. wow, this shade is beautiful! i'm always looking for bold, blue nail polish. i might have to get this one.

    ♥ erica

  7. Just got this as a gift! Really excited to try it out.


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