MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches: All 35 Lipgloss Colours!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

MUFE (Make Up For Ever) has a new line of lipgloss, the Artist Plexi Gloss, that will be launched in Singapore on 16 April. These lipglosses come in 35 shades, and I've heard that they will be replacing the Lab Shine Lipgloss range. The shade range of the Artist Plexi Glosses are seriously immense - everything from reds, to pinks, to corals, to nudes, and even some cooler shades like purple and black. They come in two finishes - Pure, which is a glossy finish sans any sort of shimmer whatsoever, and Pearly, which has a slight shimmer finish (no discoball, gritty glitter here).

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss: Formulated with special polymers to give unparalleled shine

The shade numbering system for the MUFE Artist Plexi Glosses is quite simple: shades in the 100s are nudes and beiges, shades in the 200s are pinks, shades in the 300s are corals, shades in the 400s are reds, and the 500s are purple and other more funky shades. The "Pearly" shades are distinguished from "Pure" shades by the addition of the "P" at the end - so for example, 400 would be a red shade with a Pure finish (no glitter, just glossy), while 401P would be a red shade with a Pearly finish that has some very fine shimmer.

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Appicator: Specially shaped with a little cutout in the middle to give a smooth, even application of gloss

I'm told the glossiness of the Artist Plexi Glosses is acheived by a special blend of polymers that form a smooth surface on the lips, giving a nice shine. Another thing that's novel about the Artist Plexi GLosses are their applicators. As you can see they are a spoon-shaped applicator with a little cut in the side - apparently this is so the applciator can scoop up the right amount of gloss, and apply it smoothly to the lips to give a nice, even application on the lips..

But enough about the glosses. I know you guys came to see swatches, so let's cut to the chase! I've got all 35 shades swatched for you, so yay for that!

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Lipgloss 100s
MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss: Nudes and beiges

First, let's start with the 100s shades - these are the nudes and beiges. There are 6 of these shades.

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches 100s shades
MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches: Nudes and beiges

Light Beige 100P is a pale nude beige with slight shimmer, and is - for MUFE anyway - a bit on thes sheerer side.
Nude Beige 101 is a pink-toned nude beige that will probably look best on fair skin.
Sweet Beige 102P is a slightly darker than Light Beige 100P, and also has slight shimmer.
Beige Pink 103 is actually quite wearable as a nude - I think I miiight be able to pull this off. It doesn't look too pale.
Brown Beige 104 is another wearable nude shade - no corpse lips with this one.
Pearly Beige 105P is a pink-beige shade, with shimmer.

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Lipgloss 200s
MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss: Pinks

Now, we move on to the 200s. These are pinks, and unsurprisingly, there are the most shades in the 200 range - there are 10 of them! Gotta be a pink to suit your fancy here!

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches 200s shades
MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches: Pinks

Nude Pink 200 is a, well, a nude pink shade. This is also one of the few shades in the line that has a more sheer finish.
Light Rose 201 is a cool-toned pale pink which is also a tad sheer on me, but you can see that it is a bit deeper and pinker than Nude Pink 200, which is a bit more beige.
Sweet Pink 202 is a neutral light pink, not as cooltoned as Light Rose 201.
Golden Pink 203P is a nice light rose pink with very pearly fine gold shimmer. This is a very wearable shade because it's neutral in undertone.
Old Pink 204 is definitely my favourite shade of the bunch. This is the "goes with everything, looks good on everyone" kind of shade - it's the perfect shade of neutral-pink brown, and if you have no idea what colour to get from the line, get this! Chances are, it will probably look good on you. This is on par with some of the other much-celebrated universally flattering kind of lip colours, like NARS Dolce Vita, MAC Twig, and the like. It's also got good pigmentation, too.
Pearly Rose 205P is a slightly warm-toned antique pink type of shade, again with slight shimmer.
Pop Pink 206 is a light cool-toned lilac pink. I like this shade, too, it's very nice and wearable.
Candy Pink 207 is a bright pink shade - if you like wearable brights that aren't screaming neon, this is a good wearable bright pink.
Lilac Pink 208P looks similar to Pop Pink 206, but there are a couple of differences - first there is the finish, as Lilac Pink is a Pearly finish, whereas Pop Pink 206 is a Pure finish, and then there is the slightly more purple lean that Lilac Pink 208P has.
Fuschia Pink 209 also looks similar to Pop Pink 206 at first glance, but Fuschia Pink 209 leans a bit more purple than Pop Pink 206. It doesn't look it in the photos, but like Candy Pink 207, it's also fairly bright, although not neon. It's The shades from 206 to 209 are, I feel, quite "Korean" in their aesthetic - they consist of bright pops of colour, pale but not sheer pinks, and some purple leaning shades that are fairly trendy in K-beauty brands, and wouldn't look out of place in am upmarket Korean brand.

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Lipgloss 300s
MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss: Corals

The 300-shades are the corals, and there are 7 of these shades, from red-corals to orange-corals to pale corals. So although coral is traditionally a little bit more of a warm-toned shade, there is definitely something in here to suit cooler-toned people, too.

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches 300s shades
MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches: Corals

Golden Pink Coral 300P is a pale coral-pink with pearly golden shimmer. This leans more pink than coral to me, to be honest, but it is a nice shade, if a little sheer.
Nude Coral 301P is also slightly sheer, but even so you can see the colour showing through on my arm swatches. This is a nude with a tinge of coral, and slight shimmer.
Golden Coral 302P is a wearable shade of coral that looks pretty nude to my eye.
Pearly Coral 303P looks similar to Golden Coral 302P, but is slightly darker. This is a pretty wearable shade of coral that most people could pull off.
Red Coral 304 is a gorgeous, coral pink-red shade. It's certainly unique, and I definitely don't have similar shades in my stash. This is definitely a shade that will probably look good on everyone, too, and would also be one of my "if you don'tknow what to buy, try this" recommendations.
Orange Coral 305 is, as the name suggests, a pretty orangey coral. It's almost orange to my eye.
Orange 306 - yep, here you are, orange lipgloss, the colour of orange peel. if you like rich orange shades, you'll like this.

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Lipgloss 400s
MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss: Reds

And now, the 400-shades, which are the reds. Again, there are 7 of them, and although they might look similar at first, they differ in undertones and shade depth - the difference here is nuanced, rather than outright, and despite my many swatches, it seemed inevitable that some of the shades looked similar.

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches 400s shades
MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches: Reds

Orange Red 400
is a warm red shade.
Pearly Red 401P is also another warm red shade, but with slight shimmer.
Golden Red 402P is a nice red with shimmer with a fairly neutral undertone - this is probably one of the shades I would recommend if you have no idea what your undertones are and want to try a red shade.
Red 403 looks to me to be s neutral fire engine red, with a little bit of cool lean. I think this is also another nice red and another of the shades I would recommend for those who can't decide between a warm or cool red.
Raspberry Red 404 is a slightly cool-toned pink-red. It's still red, but with a cooler undertone and a hint of pink.
Pearly Plum 405P is a deeper plummy red with shimmer, and leans slightly cool.
Burgundy 406 is exactly as the name describes - a rich, deep burgundy. This is a nice vampy shade that leans slightly cool.

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Lipgloss 500s
MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss: Purples and other unusual shades

Lastly, the 500s! These are the more unusual shades, with two shades of purple, one shade of dark, dark green, and a black! Oh, and there's transparent gloss there too for those who want no colour.

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches 500s shades
MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches: Purples and other unusual shades

Purple 500
is a light lilac purple.
Lilac 501 is a deeper lilac purple. Like Purple 500, this shade looks obviously "purple" when worn, and definitely will stand out if you want to wear it.
Beetle 502P iis quite aptly named - it's actually a deep, blackened green shade, with a gorgeous green shimmer. It kind of reminded me of the lipgloss version of my Cirque Colors Epoch nail polish, to be honest, with it's gorgeous deep green shimmer and blackened base.
Black 503 is black. Very pigmented, and will cover completely. Not much more to say.
Transparent 0 is clear gloss. Looks very shiny on the lips. I also don't have too much to say about this.

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss: Shown here are Lilac 501, Red 403, Fuschia Pink 309, and Golden Coral 302P

All in all, I thought the quality of the Artist Plexi Gloss was good - the finish was shiny and glossy, the colours (with the exception of some of the paler shades) were very well-pigmented, and the shade range was good and accomodated a variety of undertones and skintones. These also have a sort of lipstain-like quality, where the lipgloss stains the lips after you have applied and left it on for awhile, so even after you wipe off your lipgloss, there will still be some tint to your lips. I don't know about you but a lipgloss that does double duty as a liptint sounds pretty darn awesome to me (although swatching meant that my arm was tinted by the end of the session)! If you're more adveenturous, you can also add in your own glitter, using your own loose glitters (MUFE's line of Diamond Powders works well for this purpose, too.) These retail here for SGD$36, and will be available 16 April.


  1. The black one is pretty unexpected!! From the swatches, the lip glosses look very jelly-like :P

  2. I think I saw a swatch of Lilac on someone's lips recently, and it looked amazing. Very vibrant and opaque. Purple looks nice, too, though. The black will be interesting to try.

  3. I don't know if I didn't seen it, but how much is the completely box and where did I get that? :)


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