About My Undertones Advice and Skincare and Ingredients Analysis Services: HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Yesterday, I shared that for a small fee, you can now get Undertones Identification and Skincare and Ingredient Analysis from yours truly!

I realized I had forgotten to include one tiny little detail, so I thought I'd add it on now:

Hehehe. Did you guys fall for it? Don't worry, I won't actually be charging you guys for anything! I've always valued the people who read this blog, and the people who bother to contact me, and I could never ever even think of charging people for something as trivial as emailing me or contacting me! So yes, email correspondence, including asking about undertones and skincare products, remains free! Yay! :P (And for the people whose undertone questions I haven't responded to yet - I'll get back to you soon, I've just been busy! I don't intend to charge you either!)

On another note related to this prank, it seems like monetization of blogs is such a common thing that we don't even blink an eye when we hear another blogger attempting to turn his/her blog into a money-spinning venture. I guess we're so used to it that noone really cares, or is surprised anymore. And to me, that's a little sad, because there are still tons of bloggers out there who don't make money off their blog, but still keep blogging for the love of it (including yours truly!). And I honestly don't feel good inside when I hear of bloggers who try to make money off their readers. I wouldn't say that's unacceptable or off-limits, because some bloggers seem to find a working model for it that keeps their readers happy, but personally, I could never ever do it. It would just feel so crass and money-grabbing to demand that the people who are supporting you (or at least reading what you write!) pay for the pleasure of knowing your thoughts. And, in this day and age where the internet pretty much pulls up whatever free information is there at your fingertips in a couple of seconds, I don't personally think it ever makes sense for a blog to charge its audience to read its posts, or to interact with its authors. But that's just me.

So yes, reading the blog will remain free, and no, I'm not planning to charge anyone for emailing me or asking me questions. I'm happy to answer them, and flattered that anyone thinks my opinion is worth seeking! And, I'm always happy for the relationships and interactions that I've been able to make as a result of my blogging hobby, and that definitely includes my readers too! (But if I do take a while to respond, I hope you can bear with me - real life really can and does get in the way of online activity!)

And since we're on the internetz, I thought this was relevant, too!

Hope you had a good one yesterday!


  1. You totally fooled me! I actually think you're worth it though. :-)

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again-- I think you're worth it too! I totally understand how much effort it takes to write up posts for the blog and I would really be glad to support you in your makeup/skincare endeavours. I don't really think it's money grabbing, but more like a subscription to a magazine. Like I remember you also recently bought some PH table thing for litmus paper experimenting (is that it?) and it would be cool if the readers could fund that while you report back with your findings. This way we also benefit from more regular writing!

    1. @peppercornelius: Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, I'm super happy that you think the quality of my writing is good enough to consider paying for! But I don't think the online model is quite like a traditional magazine - I think people just aren't that willing to pay for things online (of course, people like yourselves are a notable exception!), so I feel like such a move would piss off my readers. But it would be nice to have the luxury of writing more often and more regularly!

      And yes if you're referring to the things I posted here: https://instagram.com/p/09E36jRNN5/
      Those are actually pH strips to measure the ph of things (like skin products etc)! (The table-looking thing is just the accompanying guide to the strips.) I'm looking to incorporate them in my skincare reviews.

  3. Hi Musical Houses !
    Your blog is amazing, I particularly like your articles about skin tone and ingredients analysis. Since I'm allergic to some silicones (I had a bas experience with Erborian bb cream), it's very helpful !
    I have trouble determining my undertone. I sent you an email, I hope you will be able to help me !
    Thanks a lot and have a good day :)


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