Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color Eyeshadow Pencil Swatches

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Remember back when I had a Laura Mercier makeover? It was a pretty darn awesome one, which actually hid my huge acne spots! If you haven't seen it, you really should, because the transformation is just impressive. Anyway, if you remembered, I promised to swatch the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color for you guys, and then...I didn't. Until now.

So behold, the uber-late (but better than never, right?) swatches. The Caviar Stick Eye Colour is really an eyeshadow pencil. I have one of the colours, and I've found it to be pretty easy to use. The eyeshadow is blendable, but sets fairly fast and doesn't move after that, which in my opinion is the best of both worlds. In my experience setting time is pretty important for a good eyeshadow pencil: too fast and it becomes impossible to blend (and makes you feel like you're really just colouring with an eyeliner pencil), too slow, and you get smudges.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color Swatches

You can read my thoughts on each individual colour below.

Orchid is a light lavender shade that still packs a punch, pigmentation-wise.
Mint Snow is a frosty pastel blue. Also good pigmentation over here.
Rose Gold does remind me of rose gold, but my first thought was that this was a pretty coppery tan shade, with a hint of pink. I do like this, it's a great neutral shade with a kick of shimmer.
Grey Pearl - I bet the readers who have been sticking around longer will know that this is my favourite of the bunch! It's a cool-toned brown with some grey thrown in. I love this, and the shimmer is not as frosty-looking as some of the lighter shades. This will probably be one of those "everyone can wear it" type of browns.
Sand Glow is a shimmery olive. This is probably my next favourite after Grey Pearl.
Seashell is a vanilla shade, again very frosty and shimmery. This is a pretty darn versatile shade. You can use it as a lid colour. You can use it as a highlight colour. You can use it for a eye-opening effect in the inner corner of the eye, or even on the inner rim of your eye. The possibilities are many!
Pink Opal is a lovely pastel pink shade, without being too pale.
Sugar Frost is also a great neutral shade in the tradition of other great neutral shimmery shades, like Stila Kitten, MAC Naked Lunch and so on. It's a lovely shimmery pink beige that would look great on a variety of skintones.

Overall, when swatching the pencils I felt that pigmentation was pretty good. What you see here are maybe 3 swipes per colour. Most of the shades are pretty shimmery, and the lighter shades seem a lot frostier than the darker shades. Texture was pretty decent too, with the pencil being soft enough, but still holding its shape.


  1. Loving it, also Loving ur blog,
    hv time check out mine!

  2. I must say that you've done a fab job at swatching everything.

  3. Thanks for a great article! I would love to try the Caviar Stick Eye Colour you talk about next! Glad it's my birthday soon - and I sure will tell my family and friends what I want for my birthday present!


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