China Glaze Swing Baby: Glamorous Gold Nails!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

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China Glaze Swing Baby is one of the untrieds in my stash. I bought it when it was a brand spanking new colour, and only just got around to wearing it! Swing Baby was a Fall or Winter (quite possible Christmas, in fact) release from 2010, I think. So given that this collection is a few years old, you can imagine that I've had it for a few years and have only just taken it out for a ride! Ah, such are the perils of beauty blogging when you have too much makeup and nail polish.

China Glaze Swing Baby: Look at all that gold on my nails!

Now that I'm wearing it, though, I wish I had taken it out sooner!

It's a gorgeous deep-gold-ish foil that's darker than a typical gold polish, but not quite bronze or copper. And it looks great on my slightly cool-toned skin, too! It doesn't look orange or brassy or give me lobster hands. It's really a deep neutral gold, if I were to try to describe it. Which is great - no lobster fingers here!

China Glaze Swing Baby 2
The perfect gold polish: Swing Baby doesn't look brassy or give me lobster fingers.

One of my favourite things about this colour was just how versatile it was. Wearing a purple dress and pink blush? Complements that. A green blouse and peach makeup? Works too. And, when I wore it to work, I actually received compliments from my colleagues. Usually they're the type who only like nude and pink shades and don't like some of the more, uh, creative shades I wear (BORRRRIIINNNG!!!), but some of them actually had something nice to say about Swing Baby! I feel like it adds a little colour pizazz to my nails without seeming to challenge people who don't like blue or green on their nails. So

China Glaze Swing Baby 1
Yes, I got compliments while wearing China Glaze Swing Baby. Awesome!

Application on this was pretty smooth, what you see is two coats. Good texture that's not too thick or thin, and no patchiness or streaking, either.

The best part? Swing Baby totally matches my bag! I happen to have a bag that was given to me sometime back, and I'm now proud to say that my nail polish officially matches my bag! Look at how they match! (Yeah, yeah, I have fat hands - just pretend that they're whatever level of fat/thinness that would make you happy :P )

China Glaze Swing Baby 3
Matching nails and matching bag - what could be better?

I love this polish - it's a great neutral gold that was wearable to work without being boring, got me compliments from my colleagues, and matches my bag to boot! So can you blame me for being in love with it? Although it's a holiday polish from way back when, I have to say, a neutral jazzy gold is always wearable all year round.


  1. I love this shade too! I ordered it last minute from a sale and was surprised at how much I love it.


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