Canmake Lip Concealer Swatches

Thursday, September 19, 2013

So these swatches are a little old, but hey, better late than never right? One of Canmake's items sold (not sure if it's still current stock, but I'm sure you can find it online via eBay and such) are their Lip Concealers. The idea is that if you want an all-out nude lip, or need to blank out your lip for artistic makeup, then you can use these Lip Concealers.

Canmake Lip Concealer Swatches

There are only two shades, so this is a short post.

01 White Pink is a pale beige that has some pink in it. A pale, cool-toned beige. A concealer shade, really.
02 Nude Beige is a tan beige, also with pink. Also a concealer shade.

As far as I can tell, the main benefit of using a specialized Lip Concealer over a typical concealer meant for face is the taste. These don't have any taste, whereas using a real concealer would taste really nasty. Although these are lip concealers, I'm sure there will be those who are game enough to use them as actual lip colours.


  1. This would be very useful for a nude lip. I remember in a makeup class I took way back the instructor said we could use foundation on our lips before applying lip colour for a nude lip. I think this would be a better tasting alternative.

  2. It would be quite helpful if this review did a bit more than demonstrate the existence of the product. So these haven't any taste. What's the consistency like? How is it best applied? Pigmentation? Lasting power? Does it work as a base for standard colour lipstick?

    1. @Anonymous: You're right, my swatch posts are typically meant to be just swatches of the colours in a product range, so they don't go into the product details very much. Typically readers of such swatch posts already have some familiarity with the product and just want to see colour swatches to facilitate buying the product online (or just to look at the colour range). For that reason, usually I save the detail for my actual product review posts (if you love more detail, you can check out my more recent skincare reviews, or my makeup reviews in general - you can find lots of detail there!).

      That said, if there's a question on a product you see swatched on my blog, feel free to ask! To answer your questions on the lip concealer, it comes in a stick form, like lipstick (but smaller). The consistency is pretty thick, which may put off some people, depending on your preferences. Pigmentation is good, and lasting power is alright as long as you don't eat/drink since it's quite thick. I suspect if you wanted to you could layer another lip colour on top, it wouldn't be any different from layering two lipsticks. Hope this helps!


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