The Perfect Hot Pink Magenta Lip: MUFE Aqua Rouge 16 (It Stays All Day, Too!)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I think I have officially found the perfect hot pink magenta lip colour. Ever. And when I say perfect, I mean perfect in every way - not only do you get awesome, super-saturated colour, it also lasts forever. So what is this awesome product? None other than the MUFE Aqua Rouge in 16. This is actually part of MUFE's Summer Collection this season, but if you're anxious about stocking up, relax, it's a permanent item and you can get it anytime.

MUFE Aqua Rouge in 16: It doesn't move, and it's hot pink!

MUFE is starting to become one of my favourite brands - almost everything I've tried from them to date has been pretty darn good. So of course I did have some expectations for the Aqua Rouge, but this surpassed even those. The Aqua Rouge is a dual-ended product. One side houses the colour, which is a thick cream that dries to a perfectly matte finish. The shade I have, 16, is an absolutely awesome shade of hot pink - kind of like neon pink highlighter, only more pigmented!

MUFE Aqua Rouge in 16: Hot Pink That Doesn't Budge!

MUFE Aqua Rouge 16 Pink side
MUFE Aqua Rouge: Pink cream side that dries matte

The other end is a clear gloss topcoat. Because the colour side dries matte, the gloss coat is good if you want a glossy finish. It doesn't compromise the longevity of the colour, however. The trick is to let the colour dry, and then apply the topcoat. And you will get a super long lasting colour!

MUFE Aqua Roughe 16 Clear side
MUFE Aqua Rouge: the clear gloss topcoat helps to balance out the matte finish of the colour.

Below, I've swatched both possible ways you can wear the Aqua Rouge on my arm. It looks as though the swatch with the topcoat is feathering, but it's not - I just swatched a LOT more messily when doing the wet swatch, because my grip on the lipgloss slipped during swatching. So, yes it's all my clumsy.

MUFE Aqua Rouge 16 swatch
Swatches of MUFE Aqua Rouge, both ways. Lasting power is excellent either way.

Of course I have lip swatches for you too. Here is the Aqua Rouge 16 on my lips, dry. Believe it or not, this is just one coat of the product, which is pretty darn amazing. Pardon my less than even application, I totally underestimated how pigmented this was going to be, as well as how un-budge-able it is once it sets! So yes, a careful hand and precise application are needed when you're applying this coat.

I tried this out for half a day, complete with eating and drinking and talking, and I can attest that this does not budge, at all. When I talked, and drank water, and rubbed my lips with my finger, nothing moved. The colour only started shifting slightly when I started eating very oily food (I guess this is because the product is oil-based), but even then, wear time was definitely significantly better than anything I had ever tried before. So I guess if you really need this to last the whole day, just avoid oily food and drink, and you'll be all set. In fact, even when I washed my face, the colour still stayed on, and I had to make multiple passes with an oil-based makeup remover to get it all off.

MUFE Aqua Rouge Pink swatch dry
Aqua Rouge 16 swatched with just the colour coat. You get major colour saturation here!

Below is the swatch with the gloss. I actually like how it looks much better with the gloss - it looks very smooth and slick. When I did my half-day test drive with this product, I found that the topcoat of gloss does wear off like a normal gloss, but the colour base underneath does not budge. So if you use this, just carry around some clear gloss to re-apply, and you're all set.

MUFE Aqua Rouge Pink swatch wet
MUFE Aqua Rouge 16 - the perfect hot pink for summer!

It's easy to see why this is part of MUFE's Summer Collection - it's bright, it's pink and neon, and it lasts and lasts all day, making the colour and formula perfect for the season. Would I recommend this? If you're game to rock a bright pink lip this summer, then yes! You'll be impressed by the formula, and you will love the bright, summery shade.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. That is a real hot color. But does it make your lips dry?

    1. @Niken Pratiwi: The base cream colour shade does dry out your lips like most other long-lasting stains. The layer of gloss on top helps it to feel closer to a normal lip gloss, but it will still be a bit drying. The wear time is fantastic though, so I guess that's the trade-off.

  2. Gorgeous! Haven't tried these yet.

  3. WOW! This looks gorgeous! I'll have to try them out xx


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