Alternatives to Google Reader: Don't be a Stranger Come Tomorrow!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

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So everyone by now knows that Google Reader will be retired from July 1st (that's tomorrow!). And if you read blogs, so many of the blogs I've been reading are like "NO MORE READER FROM TMR! PLZ TO FOLLOW ME ON THESE 235234324 ALTERNATIVE METHODS!" So I've decided to join in too. I only have 3, though, not 235234324.

Yikes! But there are alternative ways to follow... (Image source)

So here are the ways to follow this blog. I'm not on Google Plus (whatever that thing is) because they don't let you use a pseudonym. And that's not cool given that I have a grown up job and stuff in real life, so I'm not supporting it because I'm not too keen for people to google my real name, only to have my blog rank above my LinkedIn page in search rankings. So I found out that you can indeed use a pseudonym on G+, which is what I've done! But I am on other platforms:

And you can also migrate your Google Reader to Feedly.

So, please do follow me (these links are all already in the "Connect" sidebar, along with other cool follow methods like FB, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. which aren't blog-related, but which are just things I do for fun), and don't be a stranger come tomorrow! One of the things about being a relatively long-lived blogger (4 years come end of this year, woohoo!) is that the "hip" method to follow the blog changes so much. First it was bare RSS, then Google Reader, then now it's BlogLovin/Feedly. And of course you weren't cool unless you had a Facebook page, but since Facebook engagement has been down everyone's looking out for the next big thing, which depending on what you read, can be Twitter, nope, Tumblr, oops I meant Pinterest, no wait, really Instagram, because mobile is the future, except that Snapchat is cooler because it has auto-delete videos. It all just goes to show you how fickle the tech space is.

Anyway, I'll confess that I will dearly, dearly, miss Google Reader, because it's tied so closely to GFC, which has been my - and everyone else's - method of choice for following blogs to date. Damn you, Google.

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