Cure Natural Aqua Gel + Hot Guys = Vote for the Cure Summer Boy (And Win a $100 Goodie Bag)

Monday, June 3, 2013

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The event invite from Cure, the brand famous for its Natural Aqua Gel, was a strange one. Unlike other events, I was asked to bring along a guy. At first I thought, "Why on earth would a guy go to a beauty event? It would be like bringing them to the dentist!" Turns out, it was so that we could begin selection for the Cure Summer Boy. And you know what that means - ragging the guys by putting them through some fun games!

The Cure Natural Aqua Gel is a pretty famous product that needs no introduction.

The Cure Natural Aqua Gel definitely needs no introduction - it's famous within Asia. The product claims to exfoliate and remove the dead skin on the skin surface, to reveal clearer and brighter skin underneath. It has been getting rave reviews from bloggers (you can read my review of the Cure Aqua Gel here), and the company claims that the gentleness of the product means that even people with sensitive skin can use it. In fact, during the event, they were demonstrating how it can be used over the entire body - people were asked to put it on various parts of their body (neck, arms, cuticles, even). I've written more about how the product works on my blog, but you can see a photo of the demo below:

cure natural aqua gel demo
A demo with the Cure Natural Aqua Gel, the product and skin peeling off.

Now for the part I bet you guys really wanted me to write about - the guys. Well, the goal was to narrow down our pool of contestants to 3 finalists. The guys were made to do a variety of activities, some fun, some hilarious, and some a tad embarrassing (not TOO embarrassing though - we're all very nice folk here), and the winners were basically the finalists. This involved doing the limbo dance (nothing funnier than watching the guys trying to hop, skip and bend under the pole. Some of them were realy flexible!), as well as making them pose like a model (with a bottle of Cure Aqua Gel, no less), and dance (no props needed). Suffice to say, there was a lot of entertainment value generated.

cure natural aqua gel event photos
Really fun event photos! The guys were all superbly sporting.

So what happens now that 10+ guys are narrowed down to 3? Well, this is where a little bit of fun comes in. You can vote for the winning guy, and if you vote, you stand a chance to win a Cure goodie bag of your own. There are also photos of the event (as well as super funny FB comments from their obviously amused friends), so if you're interested, visit the Cure Natural Aqua Gel FB page. Voting closes 10 June, so act soon!

Yup, you read right...Vote and you could win a Cure goodie bag!

In case anyone is wondering...who would I vote for? And what would my Cure Summer Boy look like? Well, if you care to know the answer, that's my Cure Summer Boy, below:

cure natural aqua gel mascot
Awww...doesn't he make a cute summer boy too? :P

(Event was hosted by company and information was provided by company. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)

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