Samsung's Fashion Steps Out: Orchard Fashion Runway

Saturday, May 11, 2013

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Last weekend saw one of the highlights of Samsung's Fashion Steps Out, the Orchard Fashion Runway. During this event, Orchard Road is shut down and transformed into a fashion runway. This year, 173 models, each wearing one outfit, strut down the 600 meters along Orchard Road. It's an impressive affair, and I was able to capture a few shots, both backstage and on the runway, for you!

Balloons...who doesn't love balloons?

Having Orchard Road as the runway emphasizes the show's accessibility - almost all the clothes seen during the show can be bought immediately after the show, too, in stores. That's something that's a little different from most runway shows.

Samsung FSO backstage
173 models, 18 makeup artists, goodness knows how many hair stylists, and other staff all crammed into two tents...

Backstage was a very chaotic affair. The makeup and hair was both done by Shiseido. Gilbert Yeo, part of the creative team at Act Point Salon, was doing up the hair of the event's emcee, Junita Simon, and he shared with us his favourite product used that evening: Shiseido Professional Stage Works Damp Jelly, a limited edition styling product for achieving an intense gloss finish.

Samsung FSO backstage hair
Gilbert Yeo styling Junita Simon's hair. Junita Simon, by the way, is gorgeous!

For makeup, Karen Ooh, Senior Trainer for Makeup with Shiseido, shared on the various makeup looks, noting that it actually took around 30-40 minutes to get a model's makeup ready. Seems shorter than you might expect? Karen explained that for runway makeup, precision and blending weren't as critical as everyday looks, and the emphasis was more on creating dramatic effects that wouldn't be washed out under the runway lights. Her favorite look? Victoria Beckham, because the emphasis was on cheeks, rather than on the eyes like most runway looks. She also gave us a tip: the makeup artists actually used a sticky lipbalm on eyes instead of lash glue to stick the glitter on the model's faces.

samsung fso makeup backstage
Makeup booths backstage. Fast-paced, and slightly chaotic.

This was my first time ever backstage at any fashion show or event, and I have to say - I've never seen so many models, makeup artists, hairstylists, clothes, and shoes all packed together in one venue! And although each model only has one outfit (so there is no need to change her makeup/hair/clothes midway through the show), it still nevertheless takes a lot to prep for a show like this!

samsung fso models backstage
Off duty models. I have to say, they are so beautiful and statuesque.

And because I'm not a fashion blogger and I suck at describing clothes, I'm just going to leave you with the pretty pictures of lovely looking models wearing the outfits showcased by the various brands. Well, if I have something to say, I'll say it, but for the most part, I'll let the photos do the talking.

Fausto Puglisi was heavy on the embellishments - almost every outfit had something shiny. To my admittedly clueless eye, the word that stood out to me was "bling". Totally inadequate, I know. This is why I said I'd let the photos do the talking.

samsung fso Fausto Puglisi (2)
Fausto Puglisi at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

Victoria by Victoria Beckham had a totally different look, consisting of chic neutrals paired with colours, such as jade and coral. My favourite by far. But then again, you're talking to someone whose jam waaay back in the day was "Wannabe". Oh, yeah.

samsunb fso victoria beckham
Victoria Beckham at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

Coach had a lot of coats - not quite our Singaporean weather, but pretty nonetheless. And bags. Lots of bags. I love how the models were paired up like couples, complete with idyllic accessories like bicycle with flowers.

Samsung SFO coach
Coach at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

J.Press - if I'm not wrong this brand just launched in Singapore, and I don't know a thing about the brand or men's fashion. All that came to my mind was, "Wow, this is so preppy." I like the casual looking cloth blazers though - I imagine that if you want to look professional at a "casual" work event, these might come in handy. Not sure I approve of yellow pants, but I guess it's part of the look!

samsung fso j press 1
J. Press at Samsung Fashion Steps Out. White pants. Yellow pants. Hmm.

Robinsons had some very wearable features. Nice, but not quite my style. For the most part, the collection looked practical and wearable.

samsung fso robinsons female
Robinsons at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

Robinsons also has male clothes. I won't embarrass myself by attempting to say something intelligent about men's fashion. Except that I don't approve of shorts paired with blazers. Not for formal wear. Not for informal wear. Not at all. But that's just me, of course.

samsung fso robinsons male
Robinsons at Samsung Fashion Steps Out. Shorts, red pants, scarves - all your metro manly needs fulfilled.

Marks & Spencer was another brand featuring bright colours and floral work appropriate and patterned and full of prints. I actually like their clothes (I know, my fashion sense is so not-hip, blame it on my corporate work environment); but their prices aren't exactly budget-friendly, even when they have sales. Still, love the florals.

samsung fso marks and spencers women 2
M&S at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

I think this is also Marks and Spencers...Bright springy colours.

samsung fso marks and spencer women
M&S at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

And, there were guys too.

samsung fso marks and spencer male
M&S at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

Adolfo Dominguez had his models dressed in outfits that cut a sharp figure on the runway. Some more party-oriented dresses were accessorized with sequins, but overall this was also another favourite of mine. I can totally imagine wearing some of these at work, if I ever felt inclined to be more stylish than I currently am.

Samsung FSO 1 Adolfo Domiguez
Adolfo Domiguez at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

Samsung FSO 1 Adolfo Domiguez (3)
Adolfo Domiguez at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

In the photo below, I quite liked all the outfits shown. Looks good in the office, and after work. Except maybe the first one on the right. Shiny white pants...I don't think I'd get through a day at work with those. I'll end up ruining them.

Samsung FSO 1 Adolfo Domiguez (4)
Adolfo Domiguez at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

Maria Grachvogel; not much to say. Very nice and wearable looks, too. Pretty, flowy, feminine. Although I do wonder how they would look on someone a little shorter and fatter - I've got a feeling the lines wouldn't quite flow as well.

Samsung FSO 2 Maria Grachvogel
Maria Grachvogel at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

Samsung FSO 2 Maria Grachvogel (2)
Maria Grachvogel at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

Samsung FSO 2 Maria Grachvogel (3)
Maria Grachvogel at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

Blugirl. So, turns out Blugirl is the name of an Italian fashion brand...obviously I've never heard of it. Bright fun florals on bright colours. Lots of florals and white. I guess this is a brand that targets a younger, fresher market other than an office-bound girl who rarely has reason to buy non-work clothes.

Samsung FSO 3 Blugirl
Blugirl at Samsung Fashion Steps Out

And I guess that's it! It was certainly an exciting event for me. I also realized that being a professional photographer is a tough job. They scamper frantically up and down the sides of the runway trying to get good views and angles of every look on the runway, and they have serious gear to lug along - tripods, bags, lenses, and so on. I had an entry-grade digicam on me, and I sat throughout the event, and I was in awe at their photographic chops. So let's end this post with a glimpse of life on the other side of the lens:

samsung fso photographers
I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me, papa, paparazzi!


  1. So cool that you could go behind the scenes to have a look. I would have been very intimidated if I was surrounded by so many beautiful models.


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