Cellnique D'Sensi Calming & Hydrating Cream Review

Saturday, May 4, 2013

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Cellnique is an Asian brand, but the impressive thing about is that, unlike other Asian brands that tend to be more marketing than substance, churning out near-identical faddish products, Cellnique seems to have a unique position in the market. They have solid technology behind their products, and their products actually work. Cellnique isn't cheap, to be sure, but it is really good. Case in point is the Cellnique D'Sensi Calming and Hydrating Cream. I tried it out, and yes, it is indeed good.

Cellnique D'Sensi Calming and Hydrating Cream - Great product, but the clunky jar...

Let's start our with the packaging. Which is good, because the packaging is perhaps one of the few drawbacks about the product. The clear plastic, green tub and silver lid look really cool, but they also make the packaging a little clunky. But you know, if clunky packaging is your worst gripe about the product, then it can't be that bad...And yes, the rest of the product is good.

Cellnique DSensi Calming & Hydrating Cream (2)
Look at the luxurious gel-like cream

The Calming and Hydrating Cream itself is a thick white gel. It is a little on the sticky and heavy side, which makes it feel very luxurious. It absorbs better if you wait a couple of minutes for it to absorb fully. I used this both in the day and night, and found that it did seem to moisturize well, and that it seemed to help somewhat with "calming" of my skin.

Cellnique DSensi Calming & Hydrating Cream (3)
A dollop of the cream on my skin...

The only downside is that when I used this in the day, under my sunscreen (Avene Very High Protection Spray), something in the chemistry of those two products doesn't interact well when layered, so I experienced some balling and peeling after I had layered my sunscreen over my moisturizer. I find there is less balling if the moisturizer has had a little more time to absorb into the skin, so perhaps the couple of minutes I was waiting between moisturizer and sunscreen application was insufficient. Of course, there are many different ways to formulate sunscreen, so this may not happen with other types of sunscreen.

Cellnique DSensi Calming & Hydrating Cream (4)
Fully absorbed into my skin when rubbed in

Nevertheless, despite the balling and peeling, I liked the D'Sensi Calming and Hydrating Cream so much that I actually finished up the entire jar! I mean, I review a lot of skincare, so quite a few products I review tend to be just fiddled around with for the few weeks I'm reviewing them, before they get passed on to other people (mum, sisters, friends and family who are game enough to use my stuff, LOL). Since I only have one face, I tend to just keep the products I really felt were beneficial to my skin. So the fact that I've not only retained this product, but have also actually used it up, says something!

Cellnique DSensi Calming & Hydrating Cream Pot
I actually used up this product! OMG! I hit pan!

Anyway, I liked this product - it did exactly what it said it would, and I actually liked it enough to finish it up! If you like your moisturizers in a thick gel form, with good hydration, this is one to look out for.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)

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