Illamasqua Haul: Nail Polish and Eyeshadow!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Illamasqua recently had an Easter sale (which took the form of an easter egg hunt), and of course, I HAD to order something. So, look at my loot! Ta-da!

Illamasqua haul! Yay!

Now, I know that I do have more than enough makeup and nail polish, but you guys shouldn't judge me for my beauty product acquisition illness. I mean, it was a sale! 45% discount with an extra 10% discount on top of that, guys! One does not simply pass up an Illamasqua sale!

one does not pass up illamasqua sale
Come on, who can pass up an Illamasqua sale?!

Yes, one does not, indeed. But if you did, Illamasqua's two big sale seasons are Christmas, and Easter. I'm guessing there are a couple more, but I'm hanging on til the end of the year to see what's up then. Anyway, you want to see what I bought?

illamasqua eyeshadow justify wolf
Neutrals, I know, I know...I apologize for my boring eyeshadow colour tastes.

Most of the haul was nail polishes, but let's start with the eyeshadows first. I tend to use neutral shades on my eyes on a day-to-day basis, so I got two neutral browns, Wolf and Justify.

illamasqua justify eyeshadow
Illamasqua Justify Eyeshadow

Justify is a light ash brown. Probably nice for a lid colour, or perhaps as an all-over wash for darker-skinned ladies.

illamasqua wolf eyeshadow
Illamasqua Wolf Eyeshadow

Wolf is a dark chocolate brown. It's a crease shade, and a really gorgeous one at that. Both Justify and Wolf are mattes, which is fine with me.

Next up, nail polishes! Unlike my face makeup, I'm perfectly happy to wear bright neon shades on my nails to work. I figure that compared to my face and clothes, the surface area of my nails is so small that not many people will notice!

illamasqua collide gamma poke hemlock bacterium nail polish
Illamasqua nail polish L-R: Collide, Gamma, Poke, Hemlock, Bacterium

Collide is a neon pink. Yes, I have another neon pink already in the form of Eyeko's Punk Polish, but everyone loves neon pink, right? One of these days I'll have to do a comparison post, but from the bottle, Collide looks a little more intense and neon than Eyeko's Punk Polish does. Gamma is another neon, this time a bright neon orange. I don't have a neon orange in my stash, so this is definitely a welcome addition! Gamma was also already featured in my Chalkboard Nails DIY Tutorial, previously, as I simply couldn't wait to use it. I love it!

illamasqua nail polish collide gamma poke hemlock bacterium
Another shot of the polish, L-R: Collide, Gamma, Poke, Hemlock, Bacterium

Poke is another gorgeous shade. The photos I saw online just don't do justice to this beauty, and neither do the photos I take! It's a bright, happy shade of royal purple, not as blue as in the photos, but it's not neon. And it also has a gorgeous shimmer inside that gives it a little bit of oomph. Hemlock is a sheer off-white shade with a green flash. It looks really cool in the bottle, but I'm not sure if I'd call it a duochrome. I can't decide whether I want to wear this alone, or as a topper over other shades. Bacterium is a light ashy brown with silver shimmer. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's a pretty unique shade that I don't have a dupe for. I rather like it!

So there you have it, my Illamasqua sale haul! Illamasqua is a little expensive (especially when you covert the GBP into SGD), so thank goodness for sales that let crazy buyers like me cross a few items off their lemming list. You can bet I'll be waiting for the next sale!


  1. Love the pink, purple, and orange! With spring/summer here, I like to use bright colors on my toes and nails.


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