My Blingly-est Chinese New Year Nails Yet!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Chinese New Year is coming (coincidentally this year it falls close to Valentine's Day), and over here, the celebrations get unabashedly loud and festive! You name it, we've got it - red clothes, red packets, blasts of festive Chinese music, stuffing yourself with food, cleaning out houses, buying new clothes, mad rushing to visit other people's houses - we do it all!

Anyway, I just had to join in the festivities via some nail art! Compared to my previous CNY (Chinese New Year - yes it's now acronym-ized!) nail art, this is definitely the most blinged out! The extent of my previous CNY manis involved freehand nail art and pearls, or konad stamping, or glitter gradients. But none have much glitter as this one!

For this, I used a base of Sally Hansen Diamonds and Rubies, and then I did two stripes of China Glaze Hi-Tek by hand, to "frame" the star rhinestones I'd be adding on later. Then, to bling it up, I added a coat of Models Own Disco Inferno. And then, to bling it up even more, I added on the orange stars in between the striped gold lines. I added three per nail, except for the last nail, where I could only cram two stars.

chinese new year nail art 2

I really liked Sally Hansen Diamonds and Rubies as a base colour, since it was nicely pigmented - what you see was just one coat! Models Own Disco Inferno has gold, orange, and green glitter bits in various shapes and sizes, so all the colours were perfect for Chinese New Year! You know what the colours in this CNY NOTD remind me of? Yusheng (or lo hei)! (For those of you not reading from Asia, Wikipedia has an article on yusheng which will get you up to speed pronto!) I mean, yusheng has all of the colours in my mani, right? I mean, just look at yusheng:

Source: Wikipedia

And now look at my mani. I do think they match, colour-wise :)

chinese new year nail art 1

This is by far the most glitter-infused CNY mani I've done to date, and I'm excited to show this off! Anyone else doing any manis for Chinese New Year?


  1. Wow that is bling-tastic :) happy new year! X

  2. hi,
    gong hei fatt choy!
    i was thinking of yusheng and those orange sugar cube jellies sweets when i saw your nails!

  3. Ahhh your nails look fabulous!! Now following :) xx


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