Sleek True Colour Lipstick & Flick It Eyeliner Swatches!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I always look forward to Sleek Makeup's new releases - they do have some of the most pigmented, yet budget-friendly products around, and are no slob in the creativity department, either! This time, Sleek has introduced not one, or two, but TEN shades to their True Colour Lipstick range, and have also added a new line of Flick It Eyeliner. Sounds interesting? You bet!

sleek lipstick flick it eyeliner

As usual, all the products are packaged in Sleek Makeup's trademark black paper boxes. I like that there are printed swatches of the colour on the paper boxes, so you know you're getting the right shade! Inside the paper boxes, the products are all encased in black plastic, another Sleek Makeup trademark here. I like the fact that the Flick It! Eyeliners indicate the colour on the plastic tube packaging - it helps prevent confusion that way.

sleek lipstick flick it eyeliner2

Now, without further ado, let's delve right into the products! First up, my favourite product of the lot, the Sleek Tangerine Scream lipstick from the True Colour range. This is bright, bold, very neon, and (as they say in the UK) bang on trend for the Spring/Summer 2013 runways, down to the exact shade. Funny thing is, I actually recently wrote a guest article on matte bright lips being a Spring beauty trend, and the next thing you know, I get sent a lipstick just like this!

Next lipstick we have is Sleek Smoulder, which is another hot-ass colour. I know it looks like just your average rosy, wearable shade in the tube, but you have to try this on to know how deep it is. Definitely deeper than at first glance!

sleek lipstick smoulder

And the Flick It! Eyeliners. These aare fun. They have a soft pliable felt-tip-pen-like applicator, and are meant to make it easier for you to get that coveted eyeliner with a flick at the end. I did notice, though, that one of my eyeliners came with a little bit of a fault? The tip appeared to be retracted into the casing, making it harder to use. You can see this in the photo below - the one on the left is the "normal" looking eyeliner, and the one on the right looks like something went wrong during the packaging process...Anyway, it's still usable, just that you have less applicator to work with, I guess. The two Flick It! Eyeliners I have, Royal Blue and Purple Aura, are limited edition, so if you're eyeing either or both of those, do get them soon. The third, non-limited edition colour, is a black shade.

sleek flick it eyeliners

Now I know you guys will want swatches, so here you go! Swatches of everything. And I kid you not when I say Sleek Makeup stuff is mega pigmented - each of these swatches was EXACTLY ONE SWIPE only. Only! I was super impressed. It's hard to find this level of pigmentation in a drugstore brand. You'd imagine it would be only companies like MUFE, MAC and Illamasqua that do this kind of thing, but I guess not! I like both Royal Blue and Purple Aura, the Flick It! Eyeliners. These are actually very wearable colours, to my surprise. I was kinda expecting neon blues and purples, but I got a medium royal blue and blackened purple. So much the better for everyday wear. They are also excellent in terms of staying power - once you let the liquid ink dry, it will stay on even if you splash your face lightly with water (wouldn't advise you to wear it to a water park though!). You'll probably need an oil cleanser or similar makeup remover to fully get this off.

sleek lipstick eyeliner swatches

And I know some of you will be interested in the lipsticks, so I've devoted more of my post to the lipsticks, and have swatched them on my own lips for you guys! First up, we have my favourite Tangerine Scream Lipstick. In the Glam Asia article I wrote, I actually mentioned that one of the Spring/Summer colours out on the runways was neon, matte orange. And here you have it - neon, matte, orange, straight off the runway, but without the pricetag. I'm genuinely impressed by this colour, and Sleek's timeliness in putting it out. I hope it is hot for the upcoming season, because I'm going to be a bit disappointed if it isn't! This shade leans warm, but I don't think it's extremely warm - I thought I actually liked how it looked on me (I know right!? Orange lipstick and all that?! But it actually didn't look too bad!), and I usually don't like shades that veer too much into warm territory.

sleek tangerine scream lipstick

And of course, Sleek Smoulder lipstick. Also another hottie, this is a blackened cool-toned burnt berry shade. I like berry shades, but on my fair skin, this kind of just looked a little more black and less berry on me. I imagine though, that this would look fab on darker skin shades. Both lipsticks are a creamy, matte-ish finish. They tug a little when applied, but aren't chalky feeling. Like I mentioned previously, matte lips seem to be the trend this season, and Sleek has definitely readied their product range for this trend. If you have extremely dry lips, maybe lipbalm applied beforehand might be a good idea.

sleek smoulder lipstick

So that's my take on the new Sleek True Colour Lipstick shades, and the Flick It Eyeliners! While the two shades I have, especially Tangerine Scream, are very much geared towards the up-and-coming Spring/Summer 2013 runway trends, not everything that is newly-launched is trendy. The Flick It! Eyeliners, for instance, while in keeping with the colour trends (blue and purple were both seen on the runways), will actually be suitable for daily wear if you want to add a pop of colour to your makeup wardrobe, and will be in use long after the season's trends have faded. For now, though, it's always fun to enjoy the colour!

sleek lipsticks eyeliners abw

Oh, and Blondie says hi to everyone! Actually I really just wanted to sneak a little bit of him into the blogpost, because he is such a dear and we all love him! I mean, the Sleek products are also in the photo, so it still counts as being vaguely makeup-related, right? :P Unfortunately he's kind a blur of activity in this photo, so it's not all that sharp, but man, even in a blurry photo he is still so adorable!

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. Awww, "Tangerine Scream" is soooo adorable! Like it!

  2. I love the orange on your lips dear. How do you like the liquid liners?

    1. @Jacqueline: They have really good staying power once you let them "set" a little (they come out liquid, so need a few minutes to dry). Once they're set they pretty much don't budge :)

  3. I like the soft wine colord lipstick looks very pigments and pretty.

  4. The 'Smoulder' lippy looks very similar on to the CK One limited edition in 'Velvet'; maybe shades a bit more purplish, where the 'Velvet' is a bit more brownish. As a similarly pale person, I find that using my 'Velvet' lippy as a stain is a decent daytime-wearable gothic type look. :-)


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