Apivita Lip Care Blackcurrant: Tinted Lipbalm Never Was This Good

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm quite prone to dry lips from time to time, a legacy of ye olde days a few years back when I was taking medication to alleviate my chronic acne. Anyway, this means that I'm always on the search for my perfect lip balm. And my perfect lip balm would be moisturizing and feel good on the lips without being too waxy, and better still if it has a hint of colour to it too. And it should be in stick or tube form - I hate digging my fingers into a pot.

The Apivita Lip Care with Blackcurrant just happens to fit the bill nicely. Apivita is a natural skincare brand from Greece, and their product offerings are pretty impressive. Apivita is a brand that focuses on natural products, and while I tend to be rather skeptical about companies that that brand themselves as "natural" too liberally, I do feel like Apivita is one of the more genuinely natural brands around, based on the products I've tried so far.

The first thing I like about the Apivita Lip Care is the packaging - it's in a sturdy stick form that makes it easy to carry around (I've had it in my bag for a few weeks and no mishaps yet). And the tube colour matches the colour of the lipbalm inside! How cute is that?

apivita lip care blackcurrant 1

Also, for a makeup junkie like me, the colour is important too. The Apivita Lip Care looks really dark in the tube, but because the colour is so sheer, you get the barest hint of colour. So don't worry if the colour doesn't look like your cup of tea at first glance - pigmentation is qutie light, so even the colour-shy can wear this, as you can see in the swatch below.

apivita lip care blackcurrant swatch

Okay, great. So the packaging is great and sturdy, and the colour is very wearable. Now of course, comes the most important part - the actual performance of the lipbalm on my lips. Its got a bunch of plant oils, including castor seed oil, cocoa butter, and olive oil, so although there are some waxes in there, it feels great on my lips too. Not too waxy or anything. The oils in the Apivita Lip Care also give the product a good slip, so you don't get any feelings of stickiness either. Here's a swatch of the Apivita Lip Care on my lips - you can see the colour translates into just the barest hint of colour and shine on my lips. Very natural looking.

apivita lip care blackcurrant swatch lip

All in all, I really like the Apivita Lip Care, and it's now a staple in my bag. It helps to alleviate dry lips, and is cosmetically very elegant too. If you're looking for a natural lip balm that is emollient and effective, with just a hint of colour, this is a good bet. Apivita is available at the Apivita website.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. Oh, just the thought of a blackcurrant lip balm has my lips craving it! Sounds and looks lovely! xo

  2. Looks very conditioning! :) And black currants sound really nice! :)


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