Stuff I'm Using Up: NYX Stone Blush

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OMG, I'm actually using up a colour product! This lovely baby is NYX Stone Powder Blush, and man, obviously it's showing some wear. And why not? It's only showing wear because it's one of the best go-with-everything blushes I've come across. I bought this online a long while back, when Cherry Culture had a discount, and I'm so glad I did.

I mean, granted, it doesn't look like much in the pan - if anything, it looks kinda brown and muddy and blah. But once on your skin, it just amps up the wow factor so much. On my skin, it's a perfect neutral pinky-brown without any shimmer or glitter. This really makes it go with every kind of makeup look out there. It's also super massively pigmented, so if you apply too much you run the risk of looking like a sunburned clown, especially if you are fair. But that's not necessarily a bad point - I like how I can use a sheer wash of the colour on my cheeks for a barely-blushed nude look, or layer a tad more to give a more rosy flush.

I know my pan of NYX Stone looks really crummy and all smashed up, and that's because I've been bringing this blush with me whenever I travel (well, until it got smashed up anyway). Poor Stone baby got all messed up on a United Airlines long-haul flights from USA to Singapore. Damn. 22 hours on a plane (even with a stop-over) isn't any fun. Especially if the airline smashes your makeup! *Shakes fist at United Airlines*

nyx stone blush 2

Anyway, the good thing is that I do have a backup of my beloved NYX Stone, so all is still well (no, unlike these guys, I'm not going to write a United Breaks Blushes song and upload it on Youtube..but I am going to make sure that all my stuff is bubble wrapped the next time I have to fly with United). And if you haven't gotten Stone yet, don't wait! The fact that I'm almost done with this blush (okay, not almost done, but you can see pan) when I have enough cheek stains, blushes and tints for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren must surely tell you how awesome this is.


  1. Same thing happened to my beloved Missha Wave Blush - but I keep using it!

  2. I'd love to give this blush a try before I faint on all blushes I have listed to buy because they are going to cost me a bomb. bwahahahaha

  3. Whoa! I have never used a blush up that much. Impressive. :-)

  4. it must be really HG material that you still use it, crumbled and all! i think i would've done the same thing. :D

  5. hahaha funny, everyone is writing about NYX products at the moment :D I have two grinder blushes from NYX and I love them.. guess I could try also other things from them ;)

  6. Poor blush :( the colour sounds fabulous though, I may have to try it out! I'm on the hunt for a nice pinky brown nude-y blush, but everything I try either pulls too red on me.


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