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Friday, November 4, 2011

If you've ever looked for a cozy, intimate place in a modern setting, My Cozy Room Boutique Spa may just be the place you're looking for. Despite being set in the heart of the Orchard Road area in Singapore, My Cozy Room is exactly what it sounds like - a cozy, homely spa in a bustling environment.

My Cozy Room is run by Celine, together with her business partner. The first thing you notice is the welcome, personal atmosphere. Everything is done up in a very homely, girly fashion, and the attention to detail really stands out here - almost every corner of this place is decorated with something pretty and girly. If you're a girly girl, this would be right up your alley!

my cozy room 2

My Cozy Room provides face, body, and nail care. They do have a great array of treatments, including the Soothing Hot Stone Massage, the Choco Indulgence Massage, as well as the Enchanting Rose Quartz Massage. The Hot Stone Massage, as the name implies, massages your body with heated stones, and is great for relaxing sore, tired muscles. The Chocolate Massage, using chocolate oil, is very pampering, while the Rose Quartz Massage uses rose quartz crystals to massage your body, which really perk you up.

my cozy room 3

I got to try the Hot Stone Massage (no photo, sorry, they didn't turn out very nicely in the ambient lighting), and it was really very relaxing. I felt like the use of heated stones really helped to warm up the muscles and prime them for the massage. I did feel very nicely relaxed after the massage, and the masseuse was also friendly and responsive. The really cozy atmosphere of the room really helped, too. Definitely a great place to go to!

While waiting for the massages, we got to look at a selection of dresses from Pearlavish, a bloghop that sells a wide range and style of clothes. Generally, the style tends to be on the girly and feminine side. Their dresses were really a hit with the girls.

my cozy room pearlavish 2

Pearlavish sells their dresses through their Livejournal sales blog, but they also have a Pearlavish Facebook Pate. I think there's a good mix of dresses that are sold on the site - there's florally and bohemian, there's understated and work-appropriate, there's feminine, there's flirty, the list goes on.

my cozy room pearlavish 1

There were a few which I really liked, but after much vacilliating, I picked a very work appropriate dress in a faded dusty pink colour. The material is thick and of good quality, and I like how it really fits my body shape pretty well, and accentuates all the right places. Very figure-flattering. You can see me wearing the dress below.

my cozy room pearlavish dress 1

And here's another shot of me wearing the dress, this time with fellow blogger Rachie from The Cambelles, a local lifestyle blog. The floral, flowy dress Rachie is wearing is also from Pearlavish. A bit of trivia I learned is that Pearlavish store is run by Pearlyn, who is only in her 20s! It's so inspiring to see how much an entrepreneurial spirit can accomplish!

my cozy room pearlavish dress 2

Lastly, it wouldn't be a party without food, so there were some awesome desserts and finger food, courtesy of Super Desserts Market. Like Pearlavish, this is also another entrepreneurial venture by Fiona and Joanna, two young SMU graduates who obviously have a talent for baking! Super Desserts Market made these really awesome macarons, which is pretty impressive because good macarons are hard to make.

my cozy room food 1

In addition to cupcakes, there were also cookies, fondue and cupcakes. There was also a very nice touch added with the customized cupcakes. Every cupcake had a blogger's name on it, which was pretty cool. I imagine for small-scale intimate parties, these would add a very nice touch to the menu - who doesn't like having a cupcake with their name on it?

my cozy room food 2

If you visit the My Cozy Room Facebook Page, you'll notice that there are event photos posted there (inculding an unglam shot of me stuffing my face, LOL!). These were taken by Yong Xin, the photographer for the day. Yong Xin's Flickr stream contains a sample of his work, and his photos on the Cozy Room Facebook really put my noob photos to shame.

my cozy room yong xin photographer

I came away really impressed with My Cozy Room - the atmosphere, products and services are great, and Celine comes across as a very friendly, tireless person who is very passionate about what she does. And I was also impressed with Pearlavish and Super Desserts Market - I can't imagine myself running a successful business, but these young girls totally do! It's always great to know not just what the business does, but also to see the passion and hard work that goes into them.

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa is located at:
56A Cairnhill Road (5 mins from Paragon)
For enquiries;
Tel: +65 67320030
Email: info (at)

(Treatment was provided at an event. All opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. love that dress you're wearing!! verry pretty~ And the seets look so delicious!

  2. It all looks wonderful! I need a spa day!

  3. Wow, this is so beautiful. I especially love the mail box in the first picture! Warm and cozy, indeed.

  4. Aww! This entire thing looks like a great experience.

  5. really looked like a lot of fun! how is the price range of their products/services though?

  6. @MereMakeupManiac: I actually neglected to ask about their prices, but I'm guessing they're probably in the mid-range when it comes to pricing. I believe there may also be more details on the FB page/website of My Cozy Room. Hope this helps!


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