Dupes or Not? Benefit Dallas vs MAC Flirt and Tease

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Here's a quick swatch comparison of Benefit Dallas and MAC Flirt and Tease blushes. Both Benefit and MAC have great blushes, and between Dallas and Flirt and Tease, both are powder blushes, with similarly nice textures, and good pigmentation. I have to say though, Benefit tends to scent their powder blushes, so Dallas smells a little sweeter to my nose, for some reason.

At first I thought they'd be similar in the pan, but on the skin they're actually pretty different. Dallas is more brown and less shimmery than Flirt and Tease, although they're both pretty wearable. I know Dallas is meant to be more of a bronzer, while Flirt and Tease is a blush, so that accounts for some of the colour difference. I do feel like Dallas could be a perfectly fine blush as well, though, for days where you want a more nude cheek kind of look. In my opinion, I prefer Flirt and Tease, just because I like the shimmery plumminess of the shade, but both look pretty good.


  1. yeah, i agree with you, ont really a dupe, i think i prefer more browny tones really..

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  2. Woah. I don't know how these could be mistaken for dupes!


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