Rihanna Who's That Chick Eye Look Dupe!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was watching Rihanna's latest music video, Who's That Chick on Youtube lately (oh yes, I do watch pop music on Youtube!). And while I was singing along, "Who's that chick, who's that chick", I was also ogling her eye look in the video:

Image from Great Black North, credited to Hiphopconnection.com)

There I was, marveling at the stunning eye look, when a thought struck me: Hey, I have all those colours in my stash! So why shouldn't I try out that look?

Of course, I couldn't possibly wing my liner all the way out like that and wear it out, and my very different eye shape necessitated different eyeshadow placement, but I did try to stick to the colours and adapt them to my tiny, puny, contour-less Asian eyes. And this is what I arrived at:

Rihanna Whos that Chick Eye Look

Okay, fine. So my eyes don't look anything like Rihanna's. What can I say, I'm not gorgeous! For this look, I used the cheap but still awesome BeautyUK palette I got awhile back. Yes, it so happens that the main colours used in Rihanna's eye look were all found in this palette - how lucky is that? The photo below shows which of the colours I used:

BeautyUK Eyeshadow Palette Day and Night 5

For the lid area, I used the yellow shade. On the crease/contour area, I used the light brown to blend in. And the shimmery white shade was used as the browbone highlight. And I finished off with mascara (this time, I'm also using the BeautyUK mascara, which I really need to get around to reviewing soon), and eyeliner. I used MAC Ostentatious Fluidline, which has sadly been discontinued. *Kicks a rock and mutters* Darn MAC, making stuff I like limited edition...

Anyway, here's a shot of my closed eye, so you can see the colour placement and blending. Looking at these shots, I really envy Rihanna's gorgeous peepers!

rihanna whos that chick eye 3

The thing I really liked about this eye look is that while it's certainly the kind of look that adds a pop to any outfit, it's not terribly difficult to do, and can be done with just three simple colours - yellow, brown, and a white highlight. I love using browns in makeup looks. You can't muddy up a brown look with overblending, because it's already brown!

rihanna whos that chick eye 2

Obviously, I can't sing, dance, or pull off outrageous brightly coloured outfits like Rihanna. And my eye look doesn't even end up making me look any closer to her! (Darn.) But by adapting her Who's That Chick eye look to my eyes, I guess I can now channel my inner (if a bit non-existent) pop star!

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  1. I really like this combo, it's very pretty! I actually prefer your version!!

  2. Oh wow that looks just like it! Great job!

  3. Nice!
    You don't see many yellow eye makeup and I think you done a nice tutorial ^^
    It inspires people!


  4. This is gorgeous!! You did a great job.
    I really want to wear yellow eyeshadow. Ever since I saw it on Beyonce in the Telephone video, I've been obsessed.

    P.S. Don't feel bad about not being able to sing or dance. As much as I love Rhi Rhi, she can't sing or dance either. *kanye shrug*

  5. Oh I like it. I didn't think I could wear yellow but this look is making me think otherwise x

  6. Wonderful. Simply love it. Thanks for sharing

    <3 Sarah


  7. This look really suits you! I'm not sure it'd work for me, though. xP

  8. a. i LOVE rihanna. b. this look is so pretty and bright! good for spring. c. you did a great job! looks awesome :)

  9. I love your interpretation of her look!

  10. I really like this colour combo! It's so bright and fun. I really wish I had an electric yellow in my stash now.

  11. BeautyUk palettes are so versatile and a steal for price. You did an awesome job!

  12. Thanks ChaosButterfly, for making me choke on my Mountain Dew! lol I love you!

    I would have loved to see you try that crazy winged liner. You did a great job with all the colors and color placement without it.

    You may not be beautiful in the same way as Rhianna, but you certainly have your own beauty.

  13. You pulled it off beautifully! :) You have beautiful eyes!

  14. i love the colors in the palette.


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