Lancome New Eyeshadow Swatches: Ombre Absolue Impact 3D Palette

Thursday, February 17, 2011

One of Lancome's hot new Spring 2011 items are four eyeshadow palettes that will be released in March, in addition to the Maqui Miracle Foundation. These are the Ombre Absolue Impact 3D Palette eyeshadows. Lancome is the manufacturer of some very famously beautiful eyeshadows (*ahem* the ever-desired Erika F), so when Lancome does eyeshadows, beauty fanatics like us all sit up and take note!

You know I couldn't come across a hot new release and not swatch it for you right? So here are swatches!

First up is A10, Rubis Delices, which is a pink palette. Pink, pastel, and girly - perfect for spring. I didn't manage to swatch this one, but it's very pretty if you love girly pink shadow.


C10, Reve du Jardin, is a slightly more daring mint green palette. The mint green shade in the eyeshadow palette reminds me of Chanel's Jade nail polish, only in eyeshadow form, which is pretty cool. I love the olive green shade in the middle:


lancome ombre absolu 3D C10

We also have F10, Noisette Lumiere, a palette of warm browns. I suspect this one is going to be very popular due to its versatility:


lancome ombre absolu 3D F10

And last, but not least, is my favourite of the bunch, G10, Etoile du Soir. This is a grey palette that to my eye leans a little green. I love this palette, the colours in it are very complex and nuanced, and very pretty. I bet this is going to be a bestseller along with F10:


lancome ombre absolu 3D G10

All the shadows were very soft and silky when swatched, and pigmentation was pretty good. I'll be doing some EOTDs soon with Etoile du Soir, so keep your eyes peeled!

(Information and swatches taken at a beauty event. Opinions on products are my own. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. wowww, these are so lovely! I want them all, I honestly couldn't chose just one.

  2. Love those pinks. Pity I never wear pinks that aren't completely fuchsia. xD

  3. they look gorgeous! I absolutely adore Lancome shadows.

  4. At first I was wondering if the top shade was a base/primer, but it's just a highlight, right? These are some beautiful palettes, right now I can't afford any, but if I could only have one, I would have a very difficult time choosing.

  5. @Donna: The top shades are highlight shades. Hope this clarifies :)

  6. I sort of figured it out from the swatches, but wanted to be sure. I also thought the lower shade was a cake eyeliner! lol

  7. @Donna: The lower shade is also eyeshadow, but it can also be used to line the eyes if you're comfortable using eyeshadow to line your eyes :)


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