Cheap Awesome Haul: Yashali Nail Polish

Saturday, February 12, 2011

So while I was browsing around on one idle weekend, I found a small shop selling a bunch of polishes for just SGD$1 each! Faced with such a plethora of options, I couldn't help but haul! I mean, those polishes were less tha US$1 or a quid! Woohoo!

Yashali Nail polish

L-R: Yashali polishes in 023, 006, 042, 052, 037, 045, 066, 036

Okay, okay. So I know that the colours were kinda boring - a few of them were gifts for less finger-funky ladies, which explains the colour selection. I got the cool ones! :P My personal favourites are 036, an awesome milk chocolate brown that kind of looks like it could be a dupe for all the Chanel Particuliere-wannabe polishes out there, as well as 066, a lilac glitter suspended in a clear base. Oh yes, I may hate glitter on my face when it comes to makeup, but I lurve it on my nails as polish.

I had no idea what kind of brand Yashali is, but apparently it's a Taiwanese brand, made in China, which unfortunately is often stereotyped as the great big land of cheap things. It seems most prevalently sold in Hong Kong. I couldn't get an ingredients list, so I can't vouch for it's safety. I wouldn't be surprised if the polishes weren't B3F (Big Three Free - meaning free of formaldehyde, DBP & toluene). But they're cheap and pretty cheery. I've read other bloggers who have bought Yashali polishes and featured them, but I don't believe anyone else got it for SGD$1! The average price, from what I know, is around SGD$5. *Starts making a note to add cheap polish to bragging rights*

Anyway, cheap-ness aside, I'm pretty excited to use these - as I always am about nail polishes - so I'll be updating on how the polishes are as I go along using them. What do you guys think? Would you buy cheap polishes? Do you get excited about brands you're not familiar with, or would you stick with the tried and tested?


  1. 045 and 042 look pretty! I'd by some polished for less than £1 each, it's not like it's much to lose...unlike MAC polishes at £8 a pop for the world's worst formula!

  2. I feel excited too when I find new (or unknown) polish brands and if they are not too expensive I buy a couple to test them!!

  3. 006 and 042 looks pretty! :)
    Great haul. Made me jealous. LOL :D

  4. What a great bargain! Where did you get them from?

  5. @Cheryl: I got them from this pushcart store in Lot 1! I think it was in the basement, but I can't remember where exactly :)

  6. There's nothing better than getting loads of cheap polishes! <3

  7. These are looking awesome! particularly 6, 66, and 42!

  8. I love cheap and awesome! Are these available for purchase in the US?

  9. @Vijaya: I'm not too sure, but I don't think so. I've never heard of the brand in the US.

  10. Hi! I recently discovered Yashali nail polishes in one store here in the Philippines. I love their colors and the packaging, as well. I chanced upon your blog while I was searching for any additional information about it. They're also quite cheap here, only around P60.


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