False Eyelashes Before and After: KKCenterHK Review

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I have to admit, I've never been a very big user of false lashes, despite my awfully puny lashes, which I've complained about before. However, sometimes, we just have to break out of our rut, and try something new. So, in the spirit of trying new things, I ended up getting a pair of false eyelashes from KKCenterHK.

KKCenterHK is an online retailer of various beauty accessories, based in Hong Kong. If you're a falsies kind of girl, they have like a gazillion lashes to choose from (if you don't believe me, you can check it out yourself at their website), so it was hard picking just one. But despite the distance, shipping was quick and efficient, and a box of lashes showed up in the mail soon after I had decided.

False Lashes KkCenterHK

The order arrived safely and well-packed, although the paper box had gotten a little bit dinged up in transit. Nevertheless, the lashes inside were all fine. I had ordered false lahses model A218, which was billed as "soft heavy dark black eyelashes". A pretty accurate description, if you ask me.

The box contained 10 pairs of lashes - a good buy for any girl who wears them on a regular basis. The product picture on the KKCenterHK website is actually pretty accurate, too. Here's a close-up shot of the individual pairs:

false lashes kkhkcenter a218

With lashes as gorgeous looking as these, I was excited to try them out, and I'm pleased to say that these do add a dramatic flair to your lashes.

Here are some before pictures, kindly modeled by my sister. I had to bribe her for her to pose for me, so I hope you guys are appreciative of the effort that went into these photos!

Here's a shot of the eye without lashes, when the eye is open:

eye no lashes open

Now a shot without lashes, with the eye closed. On another note, have you ever tried getting a pet to stay still for a photo? You won't believe how many photos I had to take to get one which wasn't blurred. But then again, it could just have been my camera acting up that day.

eye no lashes closed

And of course, the Cinderella moment we've all been waiting for - the eye shots with those lashes!

eye lashes open

Looking at the difference, I was like, whoa mamma! These lashes really produce a very noticeable effect. I like that the lash hairs have longer strands of hairs interspersed with shorter strands. It gives a doe-eyed effect that is still more natural-looking than a set of lashes which consist of all long strands.

Here's a shot with the eye closed, just so you can really see the lashes on:

eye lashes closed

I'm not generally too much of a fan of falsies in general, but I really appreciated the comfort of wearing these lashes. The lash bone of this set of lashes is quite thin and flexible, making the lashes conform more easily to the contour of the lashline. I also liked that they didn't feel too heavy, or give me the sensation that my eye was being poked by plastic objects. I guess as far as false lashes go, these aren't bad.

So, are you into false lashes, or would you prefer to use mascara for the doe-eyed effect? If you're interested, these retail for US$8-9 on the KKCenterHK website.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my honest and complete opinion. I am not affiliated or compensated for this review.)


  1. those look great! I keep reading about these ones, I might have to try and order some.

    I'm a bit afraid of starting to wear false lashes. Mine are so sparse that I'm afraid I'll get addicted to them. And then I'll just hate my natural lashes when I take them off. Kind of the same as hair extensions I guess! hehe

  2. Wow, those lashes look great on you! I have trouble staying still for close up eye shots too.. That's probably why I don't put any on my blog.. I guess I'll have to practice more! Your pictures look amazing though :) The price for those lashes isn't terrible at all. I might have to check those out!

  3. They looks super nice on you! : D For a second I was like "WHAT?! Everybody gets sponsored by KKcenterHK now?!?!" lol. Anyway, I checked out their site. Might buy from them some day.. But I just ordered a box of NULA lashes. : D am trying those out first!

  4. those lashes are gorgeous. They look so natural :D

  5. wow those look soo natural and pretty :)

  6. The lashes look nice, thanks for sharing.

  7. @나니: Yup, you are right, they do seem to be on a pretty aggressive publicity effort right now. I expect it'll pass! But just to clarify, I'm not sponsored by the store. They sent me a box of lashes to review, and that's it. To me sponsoring makes it sound like there's money involved (not sure if what I'm imagining is correct or not), but in my case there isn't any money :)

  8. AWw.. Would have loved to see a front shot of the eyes. Yeah, they seem to be sending eyelashes to alot of people to try lol I'm not a fan of falsies but they're great for photos


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