Soft and Feminine Dior Spring Inspired Eye: Get the Look for Cheap

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spring makeup always features a range of soft, feminine and girly looks, and while I'm not exactly a soft, feminine, girly kind of person, I can still appreciate the beauty in such looks. In particular, Dior's Spring 2011 Collection is one of those which has caught my fancy. The eyeshadows are all pinks and greys, which is such a pretty combination of colours. While I was drooling buckets over the pretty pictures, a thought struck me: Surely I already have at least a few pinks and greys in the abundance that is my makeup stash?

(Image from

Thus, began my quest to dupe the Dior Spring 2011 eye look. After all, not every girl can afford US$58 eyeshadow quints, right? So, I told myself while pulling my eyes away from those pictures, there had to be a cheaper way to dupe the look, or at least come up with something similar.

Here's a simple outcome using just two colours:

Dior Inspired Spring Eye

For the pink eyeshadow, I used Stila Fleur all over the lid, and then I applied MAC Knight Divine in the contour area, and applied a smidgen of it on the lashline as a liner.

Stila Fleur is a gorgeous baby pastel pink which I had from waaay back when, when Stila was still headed by Jeanine Lobell. I'm not even sure if they still make this colour. It's a gorgeous shell pink shade, although it is a little on the shimmery side. MAC's Knight Divine is a colour that is a more recent purchase, and currently available as a permanent shade in MAC's collection. It's a blue-based gunmetal grey shade wish silver shimmer. Very cool, almost like knight's armour. Both are fantastic shades, in terms of application and staying power.

dior spring eye dupe using stila and mac

So if you're a cheapskate like me, or just have too much makeup and don't want too many similar colours in your collection, duping the look might be a good idea. This is especially so if the look just uses simple basic colours, as in the case of this pink and grey Dior look. Have you ever tried duping a look before? Do you routinely dupe looks, or are you of the opinion that looks are difficult to dupe without the right colours?


  1. Lovely look!
    I do fall into the "has too much makeup category" so I'm intensively working on duping this Spring's looks!

  2. I am with you all the way..I love to try and dupe more expensive palettes/colors. You've inspired me to look thru my pinks & greys and see what I could come up with :) Great job!

  3. I surely want to get the look that I have in my mind so I tend to buy the alternatives of colours that is so hot to paint my eyes in the spring.My stature(athletic body) doesn't allow me to pretend I'm to girlish but still trying to be as feminine as possible.Thanks for your beautiful article.carmen avram

  4. Very pretty! Dior is a great brand but sooo pricey. I own Diorshow mascara, but I was almost kicking myself for paying $38 for a mascara. Hehe. I love this though! It's perfect for a Valentine's look or anytime you wanna look particulary sweet & girly! :)

  5. That's such a pretty look and it's very creative of you to replicate the look with other products!

    Kisses, Melanie

  6. Great that you found pretty dupes! :)


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