Chantecaille Summer 2018 Swatches: Bronzer, Eyeshadows, Lipgloss, Eyeliner

Sunday, July 15, 2018

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Chantecaille's Summer 2018 makeup collection has launched, and here are swatches of the entire collection! And close up product photos! I know these aren't exactly the earliest swatches, but I thought better late than never.

The collection is inspired by vacation and beaches, and has an appropriately themed colour selection with limited edition packaging (for the bronzers and eyeshadows). The rest of the collection (Lip Sleeks, Mermaid Eye Matte cream eyeshadows, Les Perles Metallic Eye Liner) are all permanent.

Let's take a closer look at the collection.

Chantecaille Summer 2018 La Sirena Bronzer
La Sirena Bronzer/Highlighter Duo

The La Sirena Bronzer/Highlighter Duo is obviously the star of the collection, and very pretty to boot. I was told that there is some special technology going into the texture fo the bronzer, such that it has a texture that melds seamlessly to the skin, giving a real-life, "no makeup, just bronzed skin" effect. The texture when I swatched it was indeed very soft! You can kind of see how smooth the texture is here. True story - I showed my mum this bronzer and she asked, "Is this a cream or a powder?" while holding the compact and looking at it in real life. So I guess it really is very smooth. The bronzer has a sheen, while the highlighter shade has more obvious shimmer/glitter.

The two Luminescent Eye Shade eyeshadows, Mare and Sole, are also one of the star highlights. Like the La Sirena Bronzer, they both come in limited edition packaging, featuring depictions of beaches. I was told, however, that there was a special type of technology going into the eyeshadows to enable them to have so much glitter without falling out. However the fallout was still inevitable when swatched.

Chantecaille Summer 2018 Sole
Luminescent Eye Shade - Mare

Both shades have a very pretty iridescence to them. Mare is a copper brown with a hint of pink/orange iridescence, and would be lovely as a neutral lid shade.

Chantecaille Summer 2018 Mare
Luminescent Eye Shade - Sole

Sole is a very stunning seafoam green shade, with a metallic sheen. This I can imagine looking very stunning on cool-toned ladies.

Chantecaille Summer 2018 Sylvie Olivia
Mermaid Eye Matte - Olivia and Sylvie

Also worth noting are the Mermaid Eye Mattes, which are cream eyeshadows. I'm told these are basically "dehydrated emulsions", so they are already dehydrated in the pot, and don't dry out (which would be indeed a very impressive property for cream eyeshadows!). When applied to the eyelid, the moisture the shadows come into contact with rehydrates the formula, and gives them a nice creamy blendable formula. They do feel slightly drier than the typical cream eyeshadow in the pot, but apply well nonetheless.

Chantecaille Summer 2018 Swatches La Sirena Bronzer Eyeshadows
Chantecaille Summer 2018 Swatche

So, after all the description and photos, here are the swatches. The pigmentation on the products - as is Chantecaille's style - is soft but buildable, in line with the brand's natural, less-is-more philosophy. One stroke of the product isn't going to give you a "pow! pop of colour!" effect, but you can certainly build it up. My personal picks are the Olivia eyeshadow (I love me a good taupe, and this is a very pretty grey taupe!), the La Sirena Bronzer (if you use bronzers), as well as the Sole and Mare eyeshadows.

Chantecaille Summer 2018 Lip Sleeks
Lip Sleek - Papaya, Acai, Lychee

For Summer 2018, Chantecaille's Lip Sleek had 3 new shades - Papaya, Acai and Lychee. The Lip Sleeks, as the name implies, are very moisturizing when applied and very glossy. The click pen packaging is also very nifty - you only need to click once to get one single application each time, so you don't need to click the pen too enthusiastically or else you will end up with a lot of product at the tip.

Chantecaille Summer 2018 Swatches Lip Sleek
Lip Sleek - Papaya, Acai, Lychee

Again, they go on semi-sheer, but pigmentation can be built up. Acai is my personal pick, just because I can't resist a good berry, but Papaya, with its orange-coral hue, is obviously a good pick for warmer-toned ladies looking for a brighter hue. Lychee is the brown-nude neutral of the entire range, but might be a bit too brown on fairer skintones.

Chantecaille Summer 2018 Swatches Eyeliner Blue Vert
Les Perles Metallic Eye Liner - Vert and Bleu

Lastly, the metallic eyeliners! These are very obviously named Blue and Vert, in blue and green respectively. They have a very nice blue and green metallic iridescence, but are basically black liners with the shimmer/glitter finish, rather than blue or green liners. This is super pretty and a great pick. The liners are inky and very well-pigmented, and do stay put, and come with a brush tip applicator.


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