Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Swatches: All 29 Shades!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 has just hit our shores, and it comes in a whopping 29 (!!!) shades! Obviously, I absolutely just had to swatch it - you guys know that I do love swatching things, so I just couldn't resist!

The Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation claims to be oil-free, and offers medium coverage, alongside a natural finish. I have to say though, when I swatched it, I felt like it did perform better coverage-wise than your average medium-coverage foundation. The Shameless Foundation shade range also boasts a pretty easy-to-navigate shade naming system. Basically, pink-toned shades start with R, and yellow-toned shades start with Y. And the higher the number, the darker shade. So for example, R440 would be a fairly deep shade with red undertones, but Y130 would be a light shade with yellow undertones.

Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation: In 29 Shades!

Alright, so without further ado, here are the swatches! I have to say, I am also so proud of myself for taking such photos in a club (yes, literally in a disco-loud-music-dancing-strobe lights-type club), and I think patience and searching out for good lighting helped!

Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Swatches  Youthful-Look 24H SPF 25
Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Swatches: The 10 Lightest Shades

Fair Y110 is a very fair shade with yellow undertones. This is a really pale beige shade, and very light - as you can see, it's almost sort of off-white against my NC20 skintone.
Fair Y130 is a light beige with yellow undertones. This was actually quite a popular shade among the very fair ladies at the launch event.
Fair R150 is a light beige with pink undertones, making it the lightest pink-based beige in the range.
Light Y210 is actually one of the more popular shades, judging by the launch event. This is good for most light yellow skintones.
Light R230 is basically just a hair darker than Y210, and pink-toned to boot.
Light R250 is still on the light spectrum, but pink beige, but I think just a tad less pink than R230. For those who find R230 too pink for them, this might be a good match.
Light Y270 was another pretty popular shade among the people choosing colours at the launch event. This is a light-medium yellow-based shade.
Medium R300 is a also a pink-but-not-too-pink type of beige, and good for those with pink undertones that aren't obviously very red.
Medium R310 is quite similar to R300, but a hair more pink in undertone.
Medium Y320 is a yellow-based shade that's more yellow than R300, but similar otherwise.

Marc Jacobs Foundation Shameless Swatches Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25
Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Swatches: Surprisingly quite a lot of choices for medium skintones here!

Medium R330 looks quite light in this photo, but it's actually the same shade depth as Y320, but fairly pink, although not too red. I think the camera couldn't quite readjust its lighting settings, and I tried to clean this up in photo edit, but it was hard and this was as far as I got.
Medium Y340 is a yellow based medium shade. Among those who fall in the medium/tan spectrum, this shade was also pretty popular.
Medium R350 is a peach based R350. I say peach because it's obviously not as yellow as Y340, but obviously also not as pink as R330. This is sort of almost a salmon colour, to my eye.
Medium Y360 is a yellow beige that is basically the deeper sister of Y340.
Medium Y370 is also a yellow beige, but this is sliiightly less yellow than Y360, to my eye. Also it's a hair deeper.
Medium R380 is a tan beige with a fairly obvious pink undertone. Medium-toned pink-undertone ladies, this is a good one to pick. It's good to see deep cool-toned shades, I feel like most brands tend to assume deeper skin is automatically yellow-toned and mostly seem to put out yellow-toned deeper shades.
Medium Y390 is a yellow-based beige tan.
Tan Y400 is also a yellow-based beige tan, but obviously darker than Y390.
Tan Y420 is a yellow-based tan. I have to admit, the differences in shade depth between Y400, Y420 and Y440 don't seem to show up that well in my swatches, but they're progressively darker in real life.
Tan Y440 is another yellow based-tan.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Foundation Swatches Youthful-Look 24H SPF 25
Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Swatches: The tans and deep shades in the range

Tan R460 is a cool-toned (but not too pink-toned) tan. Again, nice shade selection for darker ladies who aren't necessarily yellow in undertone.
Tan Y470 is basically the same shade depth as R460, but just more yellow.
Tan Y480 is very similar to Y470, but just a hair darker.
Tan R490 is actually quite close to Y480, but this one is more pink.
Deep Y500 - ooh now we're talking some shades for my deeper ladies! This is a yellow-based shade on the lighter side of the deeper skin spectrum.
Deep R530 is a redder, slightly darker version of Y500. It's also a cool-undertoned shade that isn't too pink.
Deep R550 is a few shades darker than R530, but has the same cool undertone.
Deep Y570 is to my eye, fairly similar to R550, but just more warm.
Deep R590 is a few shades darker than Y570. This shade, as an "R"-shade, has cool undertones, but to be very honest it read more neutral to me.

Some final notes on the swatches:
1. If you are very pale, then you probably would look at Y110, Y130 and that's it. R150, although fair, is a step up in shade depth, and may be a bit dark if you are really very pale.
2. If you are very dark, then you'd probably want to consider Y500 and above. Before that, the shades are still more "tan" than deep.
3. I was told the foundation does dry down a tad darker than when it is wet, and may oxidize slightly. So if in doubt between two very similar shades, it's OK to go for the slightly lighter one. Again as with all things foundation-related, your results may vary.
4. I tried to wait for the swatches to dry down partially before taking photos. Obviously due to time constraints I couldn't get them totally dry, but I ended up getting pretty decently dry (I hope).
5. My face skin is a titch fairer than my arm skin (which is about NC20), and I was matched to Y130.


  1. Hey hey! Just wondering how Y130 fares on your face/NC20? I'm between an NC10-15 depending on the season but can't tell if Y110 is too light :/


    1. @Anonymous: It's hard to confirm if something is an exact match, but I do think Y130 is quite close to NC20 (maybe just a taaad fairer). If you are NC10-15, I suspect you might be a better match for Y110. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi! Would this be a good foundation for dry skin? xx

    1. @Thexopost: It's not particularly moisturizing, but it's not super-matte either, sort of in the middle, if you will. I guess it will probably be fine if your skin isn't super dry. HOpe this helps!


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