Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar and Lip Bar Swatches and First Impressions

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Laneige recently released their Two Tone Collection, consisting of 4 shades of Two Tone Shadow Bar and Two Tone Lip Bar. If this sounds familiar it's because these are an extension of the existing Two Tone Lip Bar shades (which I've previously swatched here), so essentially, this is an addition of 4 more Two Tone Lip Bar shades, as well as 4 Two Tone Shadow Bar shades. The "Shadow Bar" concept is new, but basically pretty much similar to the Lip Bar except for eyes, and is intended to give a nice gradient effect on eyes.

At a recent event, I was able to get a chance to swatch the new Two Tone Shadow Bars and Two Tone Lip Bars, so without further ado, let's get to the swatches, along with my commentary and first impressions! These are actually in natural daylight, so they should be pretty colour-accurate, hopefully!

Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar Lip Bar Swatches

Juicy Pop is a warm neon pink and a sheer yellow, and perhaps one of the more daring (although not unwearable) colour combinations.
Maxi Red is a light pink-peach paired with a rosy pink-red. This was a favourite of a lot of the bloggers who were present at the event, so I imagine it should be pretty popular.
Orange Blurring is a white shade blended into a bright orange shade. This is basically a bright orange version of "Milk Blurring". It will give quite a dramatic effect.
Dear Pink is my personal favourite out of the new Lip Bar shades. This is a light pink blended into a plummy-pink, so it leans cool and is pretty wearable.

Humming Coral is a warm, matte light coral blending into a metallic beige. This leans warm.
Golden Rose is a metallic vanilla blending into a metallic beige. The finish here is shimmery on both colour halves, and the pairing of two light shades means that within Asia, this is probably one of the more popular colours. It also is on the warm-toned side of the spectrum.
Orange Island is a metallic light beige blending into a matte light orange, and also leans warm.
Coffee Bronze is my favourite out of all the Shadow Bar shades, and it is a metallic beige blending into a metallic medium coffee brown shade.

My first impressions on the products are that these are pretty nice quality, and apply well - the swatches are all one swipe, or two swipes maximum, because I couldn't go over the swatches to darken the shade, as it would start blurring out the two colour halves. The Two Tone Lip Bars are quite similar in quality to the earlier Two Tone Lip Bar shades previously launched, so they are pretty nicely pigmented and emollient. The Two Tone Shadow Bars dry down quickly, and basically feel like cream shadow in a stick, so I imagine when working with these, you need to make quick work of the blending if you intend to smudge them out after application. They did stay on pretty well, though - I had to really work to remove the swatches totally.


  1. Thank you so much for all the swatches! Juicy Pop looks a lot more wearable than I thought - but that yellow part still has me a bit scared. :'D
    I'd love to try some of these, but whenever I go swatching, the trial products are horribly used up already, often a bit broken or smudged because too many other people tried them already. So it's really nice to see your neat swatches! I'd love to try Humming Coral, it looks perfect for summer and I'm a fan of everything orange/coral!

  2. Those shadow bars look so pretty! I would be kind of scared to use them though since going over the product again might blur the colors too much. I wish they were double ended instead, but they do look interesting


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