Fancl's Launch in Singapore: My Trip to Hong Kong Part 2: Store Visits

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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Fancl has launched in Singapore as of 1st April at Isetan Scotts, and in the run up to their launch, I visited Hong Kong and got to see some of the Fancl stores in Hong Kong, for a taste of what would be coming to Singapore! In the first part of my trip, I learned more about the brand, and saw quite a few product demonstrations, and now, I get to take a trip to the stores!

Yours truly outside the Fancl Store in Harbour City

We went to three stores, and although it might sound a bit boring, each store was different enough for me to get a good sense of the full offerings from Fancl.

Fancl Hong Kong Harbour City Storefront
Fancl's Harbour City store in Hong Kong

The one you see above, is the concept store at Harbour City in Hong Kong. It's the largest of the three stores we went too, and probably the coolest in terms of display.

One of the cool things about the Harbour City store, is its Digital Art Zone, which is just a display area with ambient lighting and wall-to-wall huge video screens playing artistic videos showcasing Fancl products. I took a few snapchat videos of the videos in the Digital Art Zone, and below you can see two of them. By the way, my snapchat username is also musicalhouses. so if you haven't yet, you can add me there too!

Fancl Harbour City: Isn't the Digital Art Zone super cool?

Anyway, the Digital Art Zone was really popular with all the bloggers, who all wanted various photos inside and outside the Digital Art Zone. My best shot is below!

Fancl Harbour City Store Digital Art
Not sure if you can tell, but the Digital Art Zone is behind me...

Let's talk about the shopping! The Harbour City store does have all the standard skincare items, but what was really popular with the bloggers were the two weight loss supplements, Calorie Cut and Fat Burner, both shown below. I didn't get them, but quite a number of the other bloggers did. Apparently you don't have to use both of them togehter, but you get better results when you use both of them. The Calorie Cut is meant to be eaten some time before your meal, while Fat Burner is meant to be eaten after.

Fancl Hong Kong Harbour City Supplements
Some of the products and supplements on display at the Fancl Harbour City store

The store also had the standard Fancl skincare range, as you can see below. The whitening products and supplements were also quite popular with the bloggers. The store seemed to be doing brisk business when we were there, so Fancl does seem to be popular!

Fancl Hong Kong Harbour City Display
Inside the Fancl Harbor City Store

The second store we went to was at City Plaza, which was smaller than the one at Harbour City. It also has the standard range of Fancl skincare products.

Fancl Hong Kong City Plaza Storefront
Fancl at City Plaza in Hong Kong

Another nice surprise I saw was Fancl's range of makeup! Fancl isn't associated with makeup, but the brand does have a limited range of makeup, consisting of base makeup, some eyeshadows, and blush and lip products. I didn't manage to swatch any of these, but I played around with them and the quality seemed really nice too, just like the skincare. This was something that I didn't see in the Harbour City store, so if you're eyeing the makeup, now you know where to go!

Fancl Hong Kong City Plaza Makeup
Fancl Makeup! The brand isn't often associated with makeup, but it does have some very nice colour cosmetics

The thing that really intrigued me about the City Plaza store, though, was the sheer range of food supplements Fancl sold. Again, Fancl isn't always associated with supplements, but they do have quite the range. Just look at that!

Fancl Hong Kong City Plaza Store Supplements
Fancl's supplements on display in their City Plaza store

A closer look at some of the supplements reveals them to be almost like food replacements - there are supplements that you can make into a congee to eat, there are supplements that will give you a green drink that's supposed to be healthy, and so on. Again, this seemed to be the store with the largest range of supplements, so if you're looking for those, this is also the place to go to.

Fancl Hong Kong City Plaza Store Food Supplements
Fancl's range of supplements includes congee-like products, and healthy green drinks

I also spotted the germinated rice that Fancl sells. Yes this is indeed rice (like you would eat), but the difference is that the rice Fancl has selling has sprouted, unlike the pre-germinated rice that you normally buy. Supposedly the germination of the rice gives it a better nutritional profile. Basically, you use this rice exactly as you would normal rice. I think it might be a bit expensive to do this everyday, but I suppose for special occasions it's nice to have as a treat.

Fancl Hong Kong City Plaza Store PreGerminated Rice
Fancl's Germinated Rice, which is advertised as having a better nutrition profile than normal rice

Also spotted in the City Plaza store was this huge Tense Up Ex display bottle, which I promptly proceeded to take a photo with! By the way, Tense Up Ex is one of the supplements you can get in Singapore, and is one of their most popular supplements!

Fancl Store Tense Up Ex
Fancl's Tense Up Ex: The huge bottle isn't real, sadly, but Tense Up Ex is now in Singapore

The third and last store we visited was in Nan Fung Place, and unlike the other two stores, this one had a great view of the street scene outside, because it was just along the street!

Fancl Hong Kong Nan Fung Place Storefront
Fancl at Nan Fung Place in Hong Kong

The view was really gorgeous. Most of the products carried here were skincare, although there was a makeup stand too. So if you're looking for a place to really view the makeup colours accurately in natural light, this is probably the best place to do it!

Fancl Hong Kong Nan Fung Place Street View
Love those open windows and lovely street view

Right next to the store was a small lounge area, and of course all the bloggers took photos of themselves sitting in the lounge area.

Fancl Hong Kong Nan Fung Place Lounge
We all had to take photos at the lounge

Here's mine! I'm' with Cheryl of Beautiful Buns. Gotta say, the natural lighting really makes the photo look great! We also took this photo with Cheryl's DSLR (as opposed to my lousier point-and-shoot) so I guess the equipment helps!

Fancl Hong Kong Nan Fung Place Lounge Photo
Cheryl and I at the Fancl Nan Fung Place lounge

So that's it! I loved the aesthetic of the stores, and I really liked how each store had its own slightly different personality, while still keeping in line with the general brand image. And I have to say, I was pretty awed by the sheer amount of products Fancl sold - their skincare range is pretty extensive as is, but in addition to that, there's also a also a pretty nice makeup range, as well as their supplements. If you're interested to see more, do check out their stand at Isetan Scotts!

(Trip was provided for by the company. Views are my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)

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