Too Faced Christmas in Paris Swatches and First Impressions

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Too Faced's Christmas in Paris Collection is quite hotly anticipated, and after previously bringing you swatches of the Le Grand Palais set, I've decided to (finally!) post the rest of the swatches! Better late than never, right?

Too Faced Christmas in Paris: A holiday collection that looks super festive!

The Holiday 2015 items I have here are the Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks set, the Le Petit Tresor set, and the French Kisses melted set. Most of these sets consist of existing shades from Too Faced's permanent collection, so I guess if you're already familiar with the shade range these swatches may not excite you as much, although the Le Petit Tresor set does contain one exclusive shade.

Too Faced Christmas in Paris Collection
Too Faced Christmas in Paris: Sets featuring some of their most popular products

As with the Le Grand Palais swatches, I also took these photos indoors at a restaurant, and was multi-tasking (eating while swatching makeup is fun, but not easy), so pardon any less-than-perfect swatching! I hope these swatches help, however!

Too Faced Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks
Too Faced Christmas Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks Holiday 2015 set

First up, we have the Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks set. This set consists of three mini-sized Melted Liquid Lipsticks, as well as three mini-sized Love Flush blushes. Each Melted Lipstick is paired up with a corresponding Love Flush blush in its own mini-box, so if you're getting stocking stuffers, this can essentially be three sets of stocking stuffers. Obviously this set is gift-able, but would be great as a sampler for yourself, too! I've swatched the Love Flush blushes before, and I'm glad to say that the quality of the minis are pretty much like the full-sized items.

Too Faced Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks Swatches
Too Faced Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks Swatches

Melted Peony and Justify My Love are the first pair. Melted Peony is a light warm pink, while Justify My Love is a light neutral pink. This is the "light" duo, best suited for fair-skinned ladies.

Melted Nude and Love Hangover are the second pairing, and Melted Nude is a pretty brownish warm nude shade that pulls really brown on me - I'd say this is more brown than beige against my skin. Love Hangover is a coral shade with great pigmentation. This is probably best on warmer-toned ladies

Melted Fig and Your Love is King is the last pairing, and while this looks like a "dark" pairing at first, the shades are both quite wearable. Melted Fig is a lovely plummy shade, and Your Love Is King is also a pinky-plummy shade for cheeks. This is more of a cool-toned pairing, and might pull quite purple on warmer skintones.

Too Faced Le Petit Tresor
Too Faced Le Petit Tresor Holiday 2015 Set

Next, we have the Le Petit Tresor set. This is a trio of mini-sized La Creme Color Lipsticks, and I have to say, the La Creme Lipsticks are one of my favourites. I have a couple of these shades which I've bought before (and I've Instagrammed about them here, here, here, and here), and I really like how smooth and moisturizing these are, with great colour payoff. The minis in the Le Petit Tresor lipsticks are also of the same quality, with the same emolliency and pigmentation, which is great.

The little sequinned teal pouch the lipsticks come in is also a plus - when I Instagrammed the photo above, I got a comment asking me what the "sparkly mermaid bag" was. "Sparkly mermaid bag" is a nice descriptor for it, and it's part of the set.

Too Faced Le Petit Tresor Swatches
Too Faced Le Petit Tresor Swatches

Nude Beach is a light warm nude, but still quite wearable for most undertones.
Taffy is also another nude shade, but pinker than Nude Beach, and a hair darker. This is also a wearable shade that would look good on most people.
WHAM! (yes, the name is indeed in capitals) is the new, exclusive shade to this set. It's a lovely jewel-toned pinky-plum shade with quite a lot of glitter, in contrast to Nude Beach and Taffy which have a cream finish. You know I love my plums, so this is easily my favourite shade in the entire set.

Too Faced French Kisses Melted
Too Faced French Kisses Swatches

Lastly, we have the Too Faced French Kisses Melted set. This consists of 4 minis of Melted Liquid Lipsticks, all permanent. There is a nice mix of Melted Metallic and the original creamy Melted shades.

Melted Metallic Peony is a light warm pink, with a metallic finish.
Melted Chihuahua is a creamy warm nude, also very brown-leaning on me. This looks like the kind of colour that would look a little different on everyone.
Melted Metallic Macaron is a metallic bright pink-red shade, and very pretty.
Melted Berry is a lovely berry shade that leans cool, and this is my favourite in the entire set.

If you're thinking about getting any of these, do get them while they're still around. The great thing about these sets is that despite being mini sizes, the quality is all up to par with the full-sized items. These would be great as gifts for your makeup-loving friends, or just as minis for yourself to try.


  1. Those are pretty shades dear! I would love to try Melted!

  2. Wham! and Melted Berry look beautiful! I might need to get at least one...
    However, are they serious with the name "melted Chihuahua?!" O_O

    1. @A Dog Person: WHAM! and Melted Berry are gorgeous indeed if you like slightly deeper plum shades! And yes, the first time I saw the "Melted Chihuahua" name, I cringed a little as I was thinking of the little dog! But now I tell myself that the name is referring to Chihuahua in Mexico, and that (sort of) makes it better, haha.


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